Japanese game developer Treasure have announced that they’re working on a highly requested title via a tweet celebrating their 30th anniversary. You can see the tweet below, along with a rough English translation:

On June 19, 2022, Treasure, Inc. celebrates its 30th anniversary! In this 30th anniversary year, we are working hard to release “that” title that has been requested by many of you. We look forward to your continued support of Treasure.

It’s currently unknown whether this title will come to Switch, though it seems pretty likely given what they’ve worked on in the past. Some of Treasure’s notable Nintendo-related works include Sin & Punishment 1 and 2, Mischief Makers and Wario World.

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2y ago

Honestly, for a brand new title I'd love Sin and Punishment 3, but I'd be 100% okay if it was just Mischief Makers coming to NSO+Expansion.

Happy to see Treasure still active, I hadn't heard about them in a while and was worried they weren't in business anymore beyond re-releases.


2y ago

I'm really hoping it is Mischief Makers, although that doesn't seem to be highly requested in the communities that I visit.


2y ago


Coming back again

5 versions on every console let's go


2y ago

I definitely doubt Mischief Makers is high on Treasure's priority list, but oh MAN, how I would love some kind of remaster, remake, or sequel someday...


2y ago

"That" title makes it sound like it's a game that already exists rather than something new. Ikaruga is already on Switch, so is Sin & Punishment through NSO Expansion Pack.

It's so obvious, it's going to be McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure. 🤡 😜


2y ago


I missed the physical version last time so I'm down for a second chance.