Progress on Hollow Knight: Silksong seems to be slow going, with new details being drip-fed to the public. While we’re still waiting for the next big update, we at least have word that the game is moving along.

Makoto Koji, the voice actress for Hornet, shared a quick update on Silksong’s progress via Instagram. In response to a fan asking if she’s still working on Silksong, Makoto said that she’s finished up her work with the game.

While not a super detailed indicator of how far along the game is, you’d have to hope that Hornet’s voice work being done is a good sign of the game’s status overall.

Thanks to Álvaro for the heads up!

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2y ago

I wonder if there will be longer voiceclips than in the first game. I'm ready to die many more times in this new game.