Resident Evil 4 is getting a fan-made demake

Survival horror at its purest

01 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Resident Evil 4 is a particular point of pride for Nintendo fans. Way back in 2002, Capcom revealed that they were teaming with Nintendo for the Capcom 5, 5 games that Capcom would be bringing to the GameCube. The lineup was quite stellar, but there’s no doubt Resident Evil 4 was the crowning jewel of the Nintendo/Capcom pairing.

Resident Evil was very much a PlayStation brand at the time, even though a handful of Resident Evil games made their way to Nintendo platforms. Getting Resident Evil 4 as an exclusive (limited-time, as we later learned) was a major feather in Nintendo’s cap, and a surefire way to send some gamers scrambling to buy a GameCube.

Nowadays, Resident Evil 4 is looked at as one of the best entries in the franchise, if not the best. It was the next evolution of Resident Evil, and one that the franchise still pulls from to this day. The game offered much more in the way of dynamic gameplay, and opened up the universe to explore in new ways.

While Resident Evil 4 is an undeniable gem, there have been some who wondered what the game would have been like if it stuck with the traditional Resident Evil approach. One fan wasn’t content with just wondering what that experience would be like, though. That’s why they’ve set out to create Resident Evil 4 in the old-school style of Resident Evil, complete with retro PS1-era graphics.

The trailer for the Resident Evil 4 demake can be seen above, and it looks absolutely spot-on. This is clearly being created by someone who’s intimately familiar with both classic Resident Evil and Resident Evil 4. Remakes don’t really interesting me much at all, but a demake tickles my fancy like none other. I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on this one going forward, but how about you?

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2y ago

This is amazing! I would love to see more demakes like this too.


2y ago

Looks more interesting than the new remake.