Nintendo has announced another round of maintenance for the Nintendo eShop, as well as the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, during the month of July. Fire Emblem Heroes’ maintenance on July 4th/5th seems to be in preparation for its update to Version 6.7. The eShop maintenance will occur July 18th/19th, but if there’s specific reasoning behind it, we don’t know what it is at this time.

During these maintenance periods, network services may be temporarily unavailable. See below for specific details on when you can expect this maintenance to occur.

Fire Emblem Heroes

  • Europe: July 5th (6AM to 9AM)
  • UK: July 5th (5AM to 8AM)
  • North America (ET): July 5th (12AM to 3AM)
  • North America (PT): July 4th (9PM) to July 5th (12AM)
  • Japan: July 5th (1PM to 4PM)

Nintendo eShop

  • Europe: July 19th (7AM to 9AM)
  • UK: July 19th (6AM to 8AM)
  • North America (ET): July 19th (1AM to 3AM)
  • North America (PT): July 18th (10PM) to July 19th (12AM)
  • Japan: July 19th (2PM to 4PM)

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