Digital Foundry analyzes Zombie Army 4's ambitious Switch port

Just how "impossible" is this port?

02 July 2022
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Developer Rebellion is no stranger to ambitious Nintendo Switch ports, having worked on bringing over the Sniper Elite series of games previously. Zombie Army 4 however, was apparently “considered to be impossible” to bring over by the majority of the team. Originally released on the more powerful PS4, the game provided a big challenge because of its high demands on performance and memory.

Now, Digital Foundry has taken a close look at the differences between the two versions, and just how impressive it is that the game looks and runs as good as it does. In the video above, you can check out their full analysis of the framerate, resolution, and other technical features.

If you’re looking for more insight into the process and challenges of porting Zombie Army 4 to Switch, you can read this interview with the development team over on Eurogamer.

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