Niantic’s Campfire app is currently rolling out to players of Pokémon GO. This complementary app integrates directly with Pokémon GO in order to provide enhanced social features, allowing players to more easily meet up or make discoveries based on other players’ activity. In a new Pokémon GO dev diary, we got some more insight into the value and functionality of this synergy between apps.

Once Campfire is installed, you’ll be able to see other players’ “flares” on the map within Pokémon GO. These flares mark key locations that players want to draw attention to for raids and other meetups. Another new feature will be coming in an update after launch, which will showcase photos of Pokémon caught by other players on your map, appearing next to Gyms and other icons. The idea behind this is that you’ll be able to see what Pokémon are available in that area with a personal touch.

If you choose to go into the Campfire app itself, you’ll have access to slightly more involved features. Raid locations will be shareable with friends via messages and group chats, for a more direct form of communication. It sounds like this will be the best option if you’re specifically looking to form a group, whereas just using Pokémon GO will be better for more casual play.

Campfire is rolling out right now globally, so you should have access to it soon if you don’t already. Hopefully it helps make Pokémon GO a more fun, social experience for all players.

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