A new video from GameXplain showcases the differences between two versions of the original Pokémon Puzzle League. The video features footage from the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online release, as well as footage of the Nintendo 64 original.

The comparison features gameplay and graphics from several different levels and scenes within the game. While some changes may not be as clear from looking at a still image, seeing it in motion in the video above highlights the differences much better.

Among the most noticeable changes seem to be improved resolution as well as a boost in color saturation throughout. Several elements appear to be visually clearer overall.

These changes have been fairly consistent through many of the Nintendo 64 re-releases that have headed to Nintendo Switch Online’s “Expansion Pack” service.

Pokémon Puzzle League will be available to play for all subscribers to the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pack starting July 15th, 2022. It’s the newest announced release for the higher-tier offering.

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