There was a long period of time where Square Enix (then Squaresoft) and Nintendo didn’t work together. Square Enix focused on a partnership with Sony, and it would be over a decade before Nintendo fans got to experience Square Enix titles once again. At least they left us with one hell of a game before the split: Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG has certainly stood the test of time, and it’s been re-released through various platforms and services. It’s fantastic to see the game live on, but there are probably millions of people out there who’d love to see the game get a remake. While we’ll have to keep fingers and toes crossed for something official, one fan has decided to cook something up on their own.

Digital artist Finn has put together his idea for what a Super Mario RPG remake could look like, and it’s all kinds of fantastic. You can see that remake in action above, and it certainly retains the style of the original, but with a fresh coat of paint. Seeing this gameplay clip really makes you wish Nintendo would get to work on their own remake!

If you’re thinking you’ll just hop on this fan-made remake once it’s released, we’ve got some bad news for you. Finn has said that they won’t release this project due to legal reasons (the ever-watchful Nintendo ninjas), so it’ll only live on through video clips and screenshots that are shared online. It’s definitely better than nothing, but hopefully Nintendo will see this project and realize just how welcome an official remake would be.

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