Nintendo has announced their acquisition of the Japanese CG-animation studio, Dynamo Pictures. The acquisition, which will give Nintendo a 100% stake in the company, will go through on October 3rd, 2022, where Nintendo will then rename the studio to Nintendo Pictures. Nintendo says they’ll be using Dynamo Pictures to “focus on development of visual content utilizing Nintendo IP.”

Dynamo Pictures has already worked with Nintendo on various projects, as they are responsible for the animation of the Pikmin Short Movies, as well as some post-production for Metroid: Other M. Outside of the realm of Nintendo though, Dynamo Pictures has done motion capture for Monster Hunter World, Persona 5, Death Stranding, and NieR Replicant, amongst many others. For a full list of their credited works, you can check out the studio’s website here.

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Can't wait for a Fire Emblem, Wario Land, Super Mario, Kirby, Metroid and Star Fox TV Shows! Heck even Warioware can work wonders!

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This is a great acquisition for Nintendo. Dynamo Pictures are very talented and have done a lot of quality work. And we know how prudent Nintendo are when it comes to investing in or acquiring companies, so they've done their homework. It will be interesting to see how Nintendo put them to work. Will they be making more Pikmin Short Movies like productions or will they assist in cut scenes for games? Probably a bit of both.


1+ y ago

This is great! I personally feel like they should hold off on their main franchises and get some lesser known IP with strong chances of market success, Splatoon would be a great choice to kick things off. Dynamo Pictures has also helped with Game production like cinematics and cutscenes so they may not go all in to show production right away however I feel like this purchase is planning some more in house projects.


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Hmm. Cold be used for both gaming, which isn't a bad thing at all, specialy when you look at their track record, and making smaller shows too (Let silly Hollywood tackle the big names like Mario, eh?). Maybe there finally will be a Zelda animated series after all? If rumours are true about that Netflix deal, I can see Nintendo having their stuff at home and working from there, those secretive sillies.

Creative Control and ease of development access are probably the two key factors for this purchase. The communication between Nintendo and Illumination was probably strenuous considering the language barrier and time zones. I do think Nintendo took that as a learning opportunity for their future media ventures seeing as how they made this move near the end of the Mario movies development cycle.


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Cinematics in Nintendo games bout to get a bit of bump, like it. Also a Splatoon animated series could really catch on if marketed correctly and the vibe were right.


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Oh yes. Many good points and I totally agree with that logic. And many people are talking about Splatoon in some animated adoption, which I think could be huge.

But the catalogue from their gaming experience is what got me a bit. The "Monster Hunter World, Persona 5, Death Stranding, and NieR Replicant" does show they are perfect to be used for gaming too and who knows what projects Nintendo have behind closed doors. And Nintendo gets to keep their extra close to their chests too.

Mario movie!... Well, I am sceptical but then again I am sceptical all new "Hollywood" movies of late but I'll give them a chance.