Nintendo generally uses their Play Nintendo YouTube channel for promos and trailers aimed at younger audiences, but this week’s upload is something a bit stranger… Dubbed “Frizzy’s Silly Amiibo Theater”, this series of sketches imagines what it would be like if a sentient sock puppet had a collection of amiibo and used them to create comedic puppet shows.

There are eight episodes total, now collected together in this seven-minute long video, with plots ranging from the mystery of who ate Blue Yarn Yoshi’s pudding, to Bowser Jr. coming over to borrow some eggs. It also includes the soon to be iconic line “ain’t no party like a Tom Nook party”.

Watch all the episodes above. Maybe it will inspire you to break out your amiibo for a sock puppet theater of your very own!

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2y ago

That was...beyond...awful! Watched for a while out of curiosity and stopped on Episode 5, "amiibo Dance Party". Low budget nonsense, using toys that are as good as dead.