The original Mario + Rabbids game was a rare example of a major 3rd party crossover with a Nintendo IP, and a successful one at that. The upcoming Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is looking to continue that success with the addition of two new characters: Rabbid Rosalina, and of course, Mario’s longtime nemesis Bowser.

In an interview with Nintendo Everything, the game’s producer Xavier Manzanares discusses just what a big deal it was for the team to be able to incorporate these characters.

With Sparks of Hope, we’re adding Bowser, which for us already is huge and Rabbid Rosalina which is a Rabbid version of their characters, so for us this was the big focus. Right now as we didn’t finish the game yet, we’re truly focused on that part already and making sure that for example Bowser is fitting perfectly – or unperfectly – with the Rabbids, you know the crew and the team itself, so that’s already a dream come true for us – having Bowser in the game is quite big for the team.

Manzanares also indicated that the team behind the game has “a lot of other characters that we love from the Nintendo universe”. Ultimately, they decided to focus on characters from the Mario series, but they cite the original game’s Donkey Kong focused DLC as proof that “Nintendo was open to deciding and discussing other IPs if it makes sense”.

Could there be more Ubisoft/Rabbids collaborations with Nintendo in the future, possibly utilizing non-Mario-centric characters? It’s anyone’s guess! For now, we still have Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope (featuring Bowser in all his glory) to look forward to on October 20, 2022.

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