The Wii had plenty of great racing games on it, and most of them made use of motion controls for steering. I know I had a handful of Wii steering wheel accessories for my motion controlled driving, and even though it was just a plastic shell, it still made the experience that much more fun. Looks like one Wii owner out there wants to replicate that feeling, but in the real world.

Tiktoker Tyler Atkin is in the process of Wii-ifying his vehicle, as you can see in the Tiktok above. He’s slowly replacing parts on his car with Wii accessories, including the steering wheel, shifter, parking break, and more. He’s even put an actual Wii into his dash, although we’re not quite sure how he’s going to play it yet!

Even though most of the bits related to driving have been given a Wii makeover, we have a feeling many more tweaks are on the way. You can keep up with Tyler’s antics on his official Tiktok page.

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2y ago

I think if the vitality sensor had ever released, it would have been a great addition here.

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2y ago

what happens if you take the Wii Remote out?