Even though the Switch is five years into its lifespan, the console is still hard to find. That stems from both the popularity of the platform and the scarcity of the components needed to build it. Plenty of tech companies are feeling the squeeze with components, and it seems the situation might get worse for Nintendo.

Hosiden Corp., a major assembler of the Switch, withdrew its fiscal year sales forecast. The company made this decision due to difficulties procuring electronic components. This is extremely telling for Nintendo, as more than half of Hosiden’s revenue comes from its business with Nintendo.

This situation certainly seems to indicate that more Switch stock woes are ahead. When Nintendo was reached for comment, they declined to offer one.

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2y ago

I don't think it is difficult to buy a Switch. It sells ~60,000 hardware units every week in Japan, it sets records regularly from the NPD figures, and I looked online here in Ireland and retailers have a tonne of stock of any model of Switch that you'd like.

Though this does sound different and could be a real headache for Nintendo, potentially. It's not definite yet.