The “cliff town exploration adventure” game Calme from developer Nonohara Works has been confirmed for a Nintendo Switch release sometime in 2024. The game is currently in early development and revolves around the inhabitants and world of a strange cliffside town.

For more information, you can visit the Calme’s official site, which includes a few early screenshots. Below, find some gameplay footage and the game’s description.

A town on the cliffs living with the Cloudsea.

The story takes place in a small cliff town named “Calme”. At the bottom of the cliff is the horizon of a cloud sea that never clears. Above the cliffs is a haze far off in the distance. In this town, echoes with the lively shouts of Cloudsea hunters. What is the truth behind the mysterious cloud sea and the town?

This is the story of the unique inhabitants of this harsh but beautiful cliff town.

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