Super Mario 64 reimagined as survival horror fan game

Wasn't this game scary enough already?

06 August 2022
by quence 1

A fan known as CM9_Animation has created their own take on Nintendo’s classic Super Mario 64, this time reworking it as a survival horror game. Titled “Another Princess is in our Castle”, the game features a version of Peach’s castle that is haunted by the malicious spirit of the princess herself. The player’s goal is to collect a series of mysterious statues, hide in treasure chests, and escape before getting caught.

Super Mario 64 already had some memorable scares in it in the form of eels and pianos, but this is clearly taking things to another level. “Another Princess is in our Castle” is currently available as a free download via the Game Jolt store. According to the description, this is just a demo for what CM9_Animation hopes will be fleshed out into a longer experience later on.

We’ll see if Nintendo allows this one to keep going, or if they’ll have it removed. You can experience it for yourself, or watch the demo in action via the video below.

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2y ago

That's pretty cool. But the trailer didn't show any monsters which is kind of a bummer.