Lovecraftian visual novel Last Threshold now available on Switch

Can you find shelter from the storm?

11 August 2022
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Last Threshold is available now on Nintendo Switch from publisher FEARDEMIC and developer Astrolabe Stories. This is a visual novel inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The game will have you taking part in a mysterious research expedition in Siberia, where you’ll need to uncover secrets and make difficult choices in order to survive.

Normally priced at $4.99, Last Threshold has a special 10% launch discount, so you can grab it for just $4.49 for a limited time. See more on the game’s eShop page, or read its full description below.

Dive into the world based on the Lovecraft universe and its successors. In immersive visual novel discover the secret of the temple and learn the truth about your companions and your father’s past! 1962. Wiktor Staszewski, the son of a researcher exiled to Siberia, and his mentor set off on an expedition in the footsteps of their long-deceased father. Their task is to explore the mysterious ruins that until now were hidden under a thick layer of ice. It was them that became the cause of Wiktor’s father’s obsession.

A team takes part in the expedition, in which each participant has a different approach to the expedition. When a Siberian native joins the team, tensions increase. The conflict within the group increases as the group reach the ruins. Fleeing the storm, they find temporary shelter in them. At least they think so …

Main features:

  • An immersive story about ancient temple in Siberia
  • Visual novel in H.P. Lovecraft’s style
  • Old mystery in Chukchi land
  • Hand-drawn graphics
  • Meaningful choices

LAST THRESHOLD is developed by Astrolabe Stories and published on Nintendo Switch by FEARDEMIC

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