Ever since it’s reveal at last September’s Nintendo Direct, the excitement around Kirby and the Forgotten Land has been building. The premise of an open world 3D Kirby adventure have people itching to get their hands on the game - and a new demo just released on the eShop will allow players to give it a try!

The free demo is three levels long and even includes a boss fight, so it is no slouch when it comes to length, but also won’t give away the farm, either. Give Mouthful Mode a spin before the full game releases on March 25!

Karby Lovers Rejoice!
Karby Lovers Rejoice!

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2y ago

Link to the demo:

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2y ago

The demo was very solid and polished. It didn't do anything crazy however for Kirby's first major 3d outing, it has lots of detail and focuses on making it as engaging to play as possible. I hope there's a lot more surprises in the final game but as of now I'm reassured this game will be great.


2y ago

Just from the demo. I can already tell this game is gonna be one of my favorite games of 2022. Which is saying something cause this year is STACKED with releases.