NIS America has shared the first two character trailers for their upcoming RPG title, The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure. Originally released on the PSP in Asia, the game’s first English release is scheduled to hit Switch in 2023. Both trailers feature brief snippets of gameplay, along with some dialogue to introduce four of the game’s protagonists: Lloyd and Randy, followed by Elie and Tio.

This game has been a long time coming for American fans, and hopefully more info is coming as we get closer to its release date next year. For now, you can watch both trailers and find more detailed character descriptions, below.

Lloyd Bannings

A young detective from the Crossbell Police Department and returning protagonist of Trails from Zero. After extenuating circumstances led to the temporary dissolution of the Special Support Section, he transferred to the First Investigative Division to receive formal training in counterintelligence and counterterrorism.

Randy Orlando

A former enlistee from the Crossbell Guardian Force and the oldest founding member of the Special Support Section. At present, he has returned to the CGF to assist Warrant Officer Mireille with rehabilitating the guardsmen who had been drugged during the Cult Incident. Prior to arriving in Crossbell, Randy was a member of the Red Constellation, one of the most powerful jaeger corps in all of Zemuria.

Elie MacDowell

The granddaughter of former Crossbell City Mayor Henry MacDowell and a founding member of the Special Support Section, alongside Lloyd. After the temporary dissolution of the SSS, she took a leave of absence from the police department to assist her grandfather’s new role as Speaker of the Crossbell Diet.

Tio Plato

A calm and collected, if somewhat distant, girl who transferred to the Crossbell Police Department from the Epstein Foundation. In addition to her enhanced sensory receptivity, she wields a special weapon developed by the foundation known as an orbal staff. After the temporary dissolution of the SSS, she returned to the Epstein Foundation’s headquarters in Leman to continue her work on the orbal network.

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