Inti Creates’ Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 will be getting new content via an update each month through December 2022, starting with today’s Version 1.1.0. This latest update added the playable character Kirin XX and the new D-nizer mode, challenging players to survive as long as they can.

All the new content to be added in the coming months will be free. Fans can expect new bosses, an epilogue, an online score board, a trial mode and even more.

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2y ago

Nice, way more fun direction than the DLC route they went for i think IX and IX 2. Game got kinda shelved after rushing through it the day before Xenoblade released (as this released that day), but it was clear they had rethought how to make replayability even more interesting so definitly getting back to that.


2y ago

I hope they'll take their time with the physical so that everything will be on the cart.