Pokémon Unite recently held its first ever world championship event, which was a great success. Having only been released a year ago, this Pokémon themed MOBA game has found a surprising amount of success amongst casual and competitive players. In a new interview with, Pokémon Unite content creator Spragels discusses what makes the game so compelling.

As one of the commentators at the Championship, and a frequent streamer of the game, Spragels has plenty of insight to share about what makes it so exciting. For anyone who isn’t as immersed in the scene as he is, here’s what he had to say about the game’s constantly evolving meta:

Spragels: Well, I am in Pokemon Unite all the time, so it’s not too difficult for me to keep up with. And I try to help my audience understand what’s going on as changes are happening. The best part about games like this without question are balance changes and when things shift around. All of a sudden, a Pokemon that people didn’t use like Mr. Mime is rebalanced and suddenly Mr. Mime is amazing. I love that. And also it’s really cool to see that teams from different regions sort of solidify their own metas and then bring them together. I don’t think anybody would’ve expected that one of the best teams in the world was playing Gardevoir. It’s a really cool Pokemon but it doesn’t see almost any competitive play, at least in NA and EU. Very, very little. And then all of a sudden, Renaissance comes in here and is absolutely dominant with a Pokemon that I think people would’ve said is not in the meta.

The fact that new Pokémon are cycled into the game as time goes on is definitely exciting, especially when lesser used ones get their time in the spotlight. Later in the interview, Spragels discusses what he thinks should be done to keep Pokémon Unite’s competitive scene growing without becoming stagnant:

Spragels: More teams obviously. If you can get more teams involved, that would be great. If there are other regions that would like more representation, I think that would be exciting. The more teams that you could bring together at Worlds would just be incredible.

More Pokemon obviously, because it just makes the strategies deeper. And there are a lot of ways that they can increase the level of strategy inside of a tournament as well. There are other games similar to this that have things like a pick and ban phase. They have ways where Pokemon cannot be selected by a team in a certain round. There are a lot of things that you could do to increase the complexity of it and I think also increase the excitement from a spectator’s point of view. So I think a lot of that could be really cool.

It’s great to see a fresh title like Pokémon Unite hit it out of the park in so many ways for competitive players. Click over to in order to read the full interview, for more insight into what makes the game tick, and which competitive players are currently dominating.

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