We’ve learned that game developer Mitsuhiro Yoshida passed away suddenly last month on August 30, 2022. The sad news was shared via Miracle Kidz’ Twitter account. Yoshida played an important role in some memorable and beloved titles like River City Ransom, Super Dodge Ball, and Nintendo World Cup on the NES. These were all part of the Kunio-Kun series of games developed by Technos Japan which became extremely popular all over the world.

Yoshida was a core staff member at Technos Japan, working on influential titles like Double Dragon and more during his time there. He later moved on to become President of the development studio Miracle Kidz, which was mostly made up of former Technos staff members. Although Miracle Kidz did not initially have the licensing rights to produce Kunio-Kun games, they did eventually produce more titles in that series.

GoNintendo extends its best wishes to the family and friends of Mitsuhiro Yoshida, as well as any fans who are feeling the impact of his loss today.

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