A brand new clock app has been announced for Nintendo Switch called Clock Maker : My Clock - ver. digital (with timer). (Yes, that’s the full title.) If the previously released AAA Clock and the Switch’s own internal clock weren’t enough for you, maybe this new clock app will finally satisfy your hunger for accurate timekeeping.

In addition to clock and timer features, Clock Maker : My Clock also allows players to draw their own symbols to create their own custom digital clock interface! This feature will allow you to use the touch screen to create whatever kinds of wacky numbers you want displayed.

Clock Maker : My Clock - ver. digital (with timer) is set to release on the Switch eShop October 6th, 2022 for only one dollar! Talk about value! See below for more details and images.

Feel free to draw as you wish with your finger or an electronic pen. The time is ticked by the numbers you draw. It will be a little bit warm and fuzzy when your lover or your child draws it for you.

◆ I recommend this app to…

  • Fathers who are working alone
  • Painters (including self-proclaimed painters)
  • People who want to use their Nintendoswitch as a clock.
  • etc….

◆ Features

  • The day of the week, background, etc. can be drawn, and the tension will explode.
  • It comes with a timer. It can be used as an accompaniment to cup noodles.

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