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The GoNintendo Podcast is ripe with Nintendo news, brought to you once every week. Come for the news stories, stay for the humor, trivia, and listener interaction!

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Episode 18

Special announcement show! All I will say is come for the news and fun, stay for the special announcement!

Episode 17

If you ever wondered where the show was recorded, now is the time to find out! No fancy sound booths or recording studios for us! This show is filled with phones ringing, dogs barking, and all that good stuff. Have a listen, enjoy the charm, and stay for the laughs!

Over 100 000 subscribers.

Episode 16

I think this will be the last show where MotherBrain and Droth will be allowed to work together. They make the show SO hard to keep on track! There are so many edits going on that it blows my mind, but thankfully with the finished product you can't even tell. Great news, great questions, and a little something special at the end of the show. Listen and enjoy!

Episode 15

Definitely the most interesting show yet, but for all the wrong reasons. While news was short this week, the show came packed full of surprises even for us. Due to a MAJOR technical issue we were forced to record the podcast in two sections. This was not before we spent the better half of 2 hours trying to recover the section of the show that we already recorded! By the time came where the show was salvaged, people had places to be...but the show continued on sans 2 members. While this show is shorter this week due to news/technical difficulties, it may be one of my favorites. Get ready around the 27 min stretch to hear where the technical problem happens. Instead of a nasty edit, I gave you guys a nice little video game music/sound effects interpretation of the crash. Hope you guys enjoy the show, a LOT of hard work went into saving/finishing this one!

Episode 14

Lots of Revolution talk, new special guest with us this week, lots of fun, lots of laughs, and a full set of questions! Does it get any better!?

Episode 13

More talk on Mark Rein! We threw in some Jim Merrick and Reggie for good measure. The week's show is a little shorter then the usual podcast, but you will have to listen in to find out why!

Deux Rumour - Miyamoto is going to have himself cut into little tiny pieces and placed into boxes that say Nintendo Revolution.

Episode 12

A full 3 months of shows! Listen in to find out the details on Nintendo news, and our new voicemail service! REALLY interact with the show!

Nintenho's Miyamoto Japanese impression debuts.

Episode 11

Its time for our Halloween show! All that means is a regular show with scary music and a few scary sound effects! You know you want to check it out!

Episode 10

The first show on our new site, check it out for all the great nintendo news you have come to expect, plus some added surprises!

GoNintendo Podcast! Brand new site.

Episode 9

Our last show before we switch to our new domain! Listen in for our ideas and upcoming plans for the new site, and also what we will miss about our current home. Big things are coming!


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