Yooka-Laylee - another round of new details

- scale and level of detail has been greatly increased
- characters will speak in gibberish as they did in Banjo-Kazooie
- Chris Sutherland and composer Grant Kirkhope worked on this aspect
- the pair “spent a lot of time trying to figure out the timing and iterating regularly until it sounded just right.”
- Ghosts can be found in each world; one hides, another attacks you, and a more elusive spirit requires you to chase and catch it
- 200 quills scattered across the world, spread across race circuits and along vast, undulating minecart tracks
- Tokens unlock the eight multiplayer arcade games hosted by Rextro, which can be found in the main menu and support up to 4 players
- Tonics: RPG-style modifiers that also act as in-game accomplishments; ex: reduce power consumption of Yooka’s role, which could be attached to something like killing 100 enemies
- There’s a pickup which triggers a transformation exclusive to that particular world
- use a Splash Berry to feed a raincloud, which will in turn generate a waterfall that fills a dry riverbed
- this will open up new areas
- choose a Frost Berry instead, and the river will freeze over, giving you access to a harder race across a slippery surface
- you can move onto the next area once you’ve collected enough Pagies
- you can also spend them on expanding the environment
- for example, spend Pagies on a towering monument that dwarfs what was there before
- this will also open up activities that are more difficult platforming sections
- Regain health by collecting butterflies
- Refill the power meter by eating butterflies
- New Game+ mode will be included where all moves are unlocked from the beginning
- Spend Quills to extend Yooka and Laylee’s move sets; ex: sonar shot for Laylee which fires translucent waves and triggers invisible platforms to reach a previously inaccessible temple area
- When you unlock a new world, Trowzer will give you a new power as a way of thanking you for letting him expand his business
- Challenges won’t be repeated across the different worlds; the team wants to constantly surprise players
- The challenge ramps up in the second world, which has a wintry theme

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this game just keeps sounding better and better. cannot wait to play it and have some BK flashbacks in the process!

It sounds so good... but now I'm more sure that it'll get delayed if the game is this detailed.

Sat May 28 16 02:30pm
Rating: 1

Ok. NOW I'm hype for this game! Thank you people of RARE er former RARE employees for doing this!

The big question is: Is the WiiU version still a thing?

They confirmed it is! They said they can't risk porting it over the NX yet.

It seems to have a little inspiration from Ratchet & Clank, with all the RPG elements and new game + mode. Having Ratchet elements mixed with Banjo elements sounds like a fun hybrid.

Now I just hope we can see it in action some more. Thats all I really care about at this point.

Sat May 28 16 06:16pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I really hope this game goes down well for them, Playtonic has such potential.

Kinda bummed about gibberish. Ever since watching that animated short I wanted full voice acting.

But gibberish was the heart and soul of Banjo-Kazooie. And it's also a lot more hilarious and has less potential to be corny and ruin the entire game. Maybe you wanted voice acting, but let's face it, most of the people who backed this game probably wanted the gibberish too :0 After all, that was a stretchgoal in A Hat in Time, another game that was totally feeding on n64 collect-a-thon nostalgia.

Ugh... you mentioned Hat in Time and made me remember it and how it's been years and still no release Sad

Yeah... and the game is not even getting out of PC due to technical difficulties...

Sat May 28 16 09:44pm
Rating: 1

Yep. I pledged it on console too

Sun May 29 16 02:19am
(Updated 1 time)

This game looks amazing! My Kickstarter pledge will get me the playable Toybox demo in July--can't wait to see more at E3 and try it out for myself soon after. The demo will be a nice birthday present from Playtonic! :-)

I'm still not expecting much, since the game isn't actually being made by any of the designers who worked on the original BK and is actually being made by lower string members of the development teams with only one person who was actually a high ranking member of the team, however I will admit it sounds like it will be a good game and it's very pretty.


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