Nintendo patents a playable Game Boy-style shell for smart devices, may indicate plans for Game Boy game re-releases

Well this is a super interesting find, and could point to Nintendo's plan for reviving classic Game Boy games in the future. Check out all the details from this patent below.

- patent by Nintendo for a Game Boy-esque casing for capacitive touchscreen devices
- this is a shell where you fit your device inside
- patent was filed on March 16, 2018
- Game Boy casing allows for button inputs to be sensed by the touchscreen beneath
- this is accomplished with a conductive sheet within the cover
- this is possible whether bare-handed or wearing non-conductive gloves
- part of the casing is opened where the a Game Boy’s screen would be
- the game would be displayed in the corresponding portion of the touchscreen that is viewable
- the casing also leaves open a small window for the front camera and device speakerphone
- top and bottom of the phone are not obstructed
- this “may be attached to other electronic equipment such as a tablet terminal that does not have a telephone function”

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Interesting. Think I’ve seen cases like this in the past targeted towards emulators too.

Hmm, I guess it'll be a future Switch attachment to celebrate Gameboy games being added to Nintendo Switch Online.

Thu Oct 04 18 05:41pm
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If smartphones get any kind of non phone specific games before the switch does then I'm going to be actually mad.

The Switch has tons of non-phone specific games. Not sure I understand your comment.

Mainly virtual console type games. There's no reason as to why phones should be getting Game Boy games before the switch does. Sure, they have plenty available on the 3ds VC right now, but after the controversy over the NES game library I think it would be in poor taste to pull a move like that (Plus I want some of those games on my switch. Mario vs DK was surprisingly great and I need to finish the DKL trilogy). I don't have a smartphone, so I can't even use the dumb app or play Mario Run (I know you don't NEED a smartphone for that, but my phone can't handle it). I just want them to remember that they have a core audience on THEIR console. I want to play and do online related things on THE CONSOLE THAT I BOUGHT TO DO THOSE THINGS ON.

Come on, I want to play those games. Just give them to me and I'll pay you for them.

There's no reason as to why phones should be getting Game Boy games before the switch does.

I think it would be interesting if they add a Gameboy section to the Nintendo Switch Online app.. Of course it would also be available on the console, but this could be a nice extra option!

And of course since you need an NSO membership to use the app, people wouldn't be able to complain about it being available to people without an NSO membership.

I think the main complaint would be that you again have to use your phone for something that would be much better on the dedicated gaming device that everyone who uses the app has.

I think you didn't really registred everything I said..

Of course it would also be available on the console, but this could be a nice extra option!

So no reason for that complaint at all. Play on the console if you want, but get this shell (as a special offer with NSO) to play them like this with the NSO app on your phone. That way you can get the real gameboy experience, even when you don't have your Switch with you.

Ah, all right, I didn't get that the two paragraphs were related, so to speak.

Ah I thought you meant regular games, not GB/GBC games. Yeah I would prefer to see GB/GBC games on Switch before a Smart Phone. Chances are they'll be rolled into Switch Online eventually.

Wouldn't this have to be designed with a specific phone in mind as they're all different sizes? If it ever were to become a reality, Apple is where I'd see it happening.

even if it was Apple there are a ton me of different phone sizes.

I know but it's less of a minefield than the Android market.

This would't be so practical, since there are a crapload of different form factors on phones. This would work on incremental upgrade phones like iphones and samsungs

Neat for a would be gameboy classic, bad if it's them putting GB VC on iOS over the Switch, which would need it more.

Well it's a patent so it's not much.

This looks very interesting

Honestly, probably patented it just to go after the third parties selling similar stuff for emulation.


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