Klonoa movie co-producer, following the project's cancellation, hopes to share the story and characters in another way

Hitoshi Ariga was the co-producer, writer and character designer for the cancelled Klonoa movie. Mr. Ariga has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on the project's cancellation. As you can probably guess, he's quite sad to see the project get shelved, and apologizes to fans for not being able to deliver.

There is a glimmer of hope in the message, though. Ariga did say that he hopes to deliver the story and characters of the Klonoa movie in some way. He didn't state what options were being considered, but it's obvious we'd be looking at a different medium here. A game, a comic, or anything of the like would certainly be better than having the story/characters disappear completely.

Thanks to Operationgamer17 for the heads up!

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Make a game, that's always better than a movie.

Sat Jan 05 19 06:51pm
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Kinda hard to do when your publisher has given up on you.

Unless Nintendo moneyhats for a new Klonoa or buys the IP entirely from Bamco, the IP is dead. =/

The IP died when one of the Wii remakes bombed killing a second remake and stopping the franchise cold then and there. =<

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