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Nintendo removes Chris Niosi's voice credit from Fire Emblem Heroes after he admitted to acts of abuse

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by rawmeatcowboy
25 July 2019
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A few days back, we posted up a story about Fire Emblem: Three Houses voice actor Chris Niosi, who plays the role of Byleth in that game. Niosi also provided the voice of Byleth in the Fire Emblem Heroes crossover event.

For those who don't know, Mr. Niosi has been caught up in some controversy lately due to his mistreatment and and abuse of friends/colleagues. Niosi admitted to this through his personal Tumblr. You can get a recap on the situation here.

We reached out to Nintendo about the matter the day the story broke, but we've yet to hear from them. With that said, we now know for sure that Nintendo is aware of the blow-back from this situation. Nintendo has since removed Niosi's voice credit from his Byleth cameo in Fire Emblem Heroes. Niosi's voice is still being used, though.

It'll be interesting to see if they end up recasting the role in both games through a future update. With Niosi's name being scrubbed, Nintendo seems to be at least paying attention to the issue.