Extended cut of the Super Mario Bros. Movie to be shown at PAX Australia

Mama mia!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Archive recently came into footage from the original Super Mario Bros. movie that had never been seen. They've already shared a snippet of footage was cut from the final film, which we posted a few weeks back. At that time, we also heard they had even more footage to show.

Turns out some of that footage is going to make an appearance at PAX Australia! The official Facebook page for PAX Australia has confirmed that they'll be showing an extended cut of the film that's never been seen before, all thanks to the Super Mario Bros. movie archive. If you plan on attending PAX Australia and want to check out the film, you can get full details here!

Thanks to Reece for the heads up!

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I thought Indiana Jones had that locked away in that warehouse.

No no, we have top men working on it right now.

Top. Men.

Sat Oct 05 19 02:24pm
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More cut footage, huh? I hope Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment plans on re-releasing Super Mario Bros. (1993) with the footage digitally remastered and restored.

Actually, I take that back! I want to hear more information from Universal and Illumination about the other Super Mario movie soon so we can either write it off or hype it up depending on whether it’s good or bad.


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