RUMOR - Nintendo has ''big plans'' for Super Mario Bros' 35th Anniversary, remastering mainline games

According to multiple sources who have spoken to VGC, Nintendo has some big plans for the Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary this year. As part of the celebrations, Nintendo is set to re-release most of the Super Mario main games, all remastered for Nintendo Switch. Titles like Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy are specifically mentioned. In addition, the previously rumoured Paper Mario game is part of those celebrations as well.

A special 35th anniversary event was planned for E3 2020, though due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Nintendo is now reviewing those plans. The company could opt for a digital showcase instead, if the time is right.

When asked for comment, Nintendo gave the usual spill of them not commenting on rumors or speculation. For what it's worth, this isn't the first time we've heard this ourselves. Super Mario has already made waves with the new LEGO set as well as the new Super Nintendo World information. We certainly wouldn't rule out a bigger push later in the year.

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Mon Mar 30 20 10:35am
Rating: 4

Can't wait for the Hotel Mario and Mario is Missing remasters!

But seriously, it'd be great to remaster Sunshine. The game was good if not for the camera issues and bad voice acting, especially for Bowser.

Also a remaster of Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door would be amazing.

A remake of Super Mario 64 would be insane.

Dear Nintendo, I would like to purchase your Super Mario Galaxy games on Nintendo Switch

Dear KingBroly, we can offer them to you at $60...each.

Mon Mar 30 20 10:35am
Rating: 4

Can't wait for the Hotel Mario and Mario is Missing remasters!

But seriously, it'd be great to remaster Sunshine. The game was good if not for the camera issues and bad voice acting, especially for Bowser.

Also a remaster of Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door would be amazing.

A remake of Super Mario 64 would be insane.

"Nice of da Princess to invite us over for a remake, eh, Luigi?"

You know what would make a great celebration of Mario, a new game!

Yes, yes please. Super Mario domination in the second half of the year? Super Mario All Stars HD? Super Mario 64 HD? Super Mario Sunshine HD? Super Mario Galaxy HD? Super Mario Galaxy 3? Yes, yes, yes, yes, please yes. On a side note, I wonder if the opening of the Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan will be postponed due to Covid and the Olympic Games.

Also, Mario Strikers Charged for Switch would be swell

Mon Mar 30 20 11:02am
(Updated 1 time)

Oh HELL YEAH! A remaster of Super Mario Land series, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy would be awesome as hell!

But somehow, I feel that this could end up being false.

It makes sense. It's 2d mario, which the switch needs more of. They want to rely on nostalgia to get more sales and it's an anniversary and it's big enough that it won't need much time to promot it everywhere because people know Super Mario Bros areleady. It's not a new game so it won't need explaining.
It also lines up with hints/rumours that have been floating around for a while that this is a hell of a year to be a fan of the plumber.

As much as I love Mario. Getting a little sick of him on Switch tbh. Would much prefer different Nintendo IP to get some games that haven't gotten a Switch game yet ESPECIALLY when all Nintendo IPs are currently breaking sales records.

Also I will buy Mario 64, Galaxy, Galaxy 2 remasters but I'd still prefer NEW games. Nintendo has been relying too hard on ports/remakes this gen.

As far as the Super Mario history has shown, Nintendo rarely ever makes a new mainline Super Mario game more than once with the exception being Super Mario Galaxy 2.

SMO and SMM2 are indications that they aren't going to make a new one anytime soon. As for ports? On their side, only MK8, Xenoblade, Tropical Freeze and Deluxe have been ported. You must be referring to third parties that do old ports of their games on Switch...

Pokken Tournamemt, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Captain Toad.

Ok? And what else? Besides the Switch isn't backward compatible so how else can they port older games? Especially considering that those games were sold on their previous console that bombed?

Not charge full $60 for most of them (especially Tropical Freeze a game that wasn't even originally $60 at launch and added nothing of extra value to justify its inflated price). Also not act like these are major new releases. Nintendo treats a lot of these ports as brand new releases giving them full price tags and giving them a month all to their own. No other company charges $60 for their ports.

Take the upcoming Borderlands and Bioshock collections coming to Switch as examples you're getting 3 meaty games for $60 (presumably) compared to Nintendo upselling Tropical Freeze for a full $60 or charging a full $60 for Game Boy remakes with Link's Awakening, Pokemon Lets Go, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Also if you take away the Wii U ports the Switch library from a 1st party perspective would look just as anemic as the Wii U's in terms of steady releases. At least during the Wii U Nintendo had an excuse with the system failing, having to co-develop for the 3DS, and having trouble with HD development. Nintendo doesn't have that excuse nowadays their is no competing hardware, Nintendo merged both their handheld and console development into one entity, Switch is selling like hot cakes and breaking records. Nintendo could/should be doing more IMO than just relying on ports and past content with a fresh coat of paint. Especially considering their are still tons of Nintendo franchises yet to even grace the platform yet (Pikmin, A new DK, F-Zero, Star Fox, Kid Icarus, Wario Land/Ware, etc.) The original games they have released, most are great but its still a little thin compared to previous Nintendo consoles (bar Wii U) within the same 3 year span of time.

No other company charges $60 for their ports.

Doom and Witcher 3 are priced 60$ and those are old games too so what's your point? And don't tell me that its the cart price that made them 60$ because, by that logic, Nintendo would price their ports for that exact reason.

And I disagree with you that the Switch library was on par with Wii U besides the ports. Switch game with massive games early at launch that the Wii U wished it had. That fact alone made the Switch sell so well.

If you think about it, the NES has 4 Super Mario games developed by EAD and the GB has 2 games, but developed by Gunpei's R&D 1. The only other exception is SMG and SMG 2, as you mentioned. The trend of one Super Mario per system started in the 90s, due to the series branching out in Super Mario Land 3 being the first Wario game and Super Mario World 2 being the first Yoshi game, instead of being direct sequels to their predecessors.

My argument here is that the NES was starting point for Mario and at the time, Nintendo was experimenting with their IPs as they weren't as massive as it is now. You are however correct that they did do more than one main game in the NES, SNES and GB era.

However, the SNES only had one new mainline game. All-Stars is rather a port of the classic NES games. As for GB having more than one game, I can only make a theory that Super Mario Land was extremely short of a game and so they had to make a sequel to improve the portability of Super Mario on Game Boy. Wario Land is more of a spin-off that had nothing to do with Mario other than a cameo and the title for a good marketing scheme.

Yoshi's Island had no reason to mention Super Mario World 2 there because..its a different game on its own and it was just there for the marketing reason.

Once Mario started on the N64 side, there has been only one mainline game per gen and it has been like that since.

There's still lacking of a proper 2D Mario that is not a 10-year old port or a sequel to a building game. And besides don't forget about the Mario games on NES, SNES and GB. There were more than once.

And they aren't going to do that because Deluxe just got released. And yeah NES, SNES, and GB had more than one but that's only because they didn't have massive IPs.

Galaxy and Galaxy 2 look so beautiful in HD through the Dolphin emulator so an remastered HD version on Switch would be nice.

We already have SMB, SMB2, SMB3 and SMW on Switch through the NES and SNES apps. Wouldn’t mind their existing remasters though from SMB All Stars.

Honestly I don’t think I’d really want a proper remaster of any of the games other than SM64. Sorry but that game hasn’t aged as well as people say, in my opinion. I’ve never thought that camera was any good in that game.

Super Mario 64 DS exists, so I'd be fine if they made that HD instead of the original.

The blurry DS ports of N64 games look worse imo. I’d take the N64 version over the DS version any day.

It's a pipe dream at best.

I agree, to many people are jumping the gun on this.

I just want to remind everyone of "Star Fox Grand Prix"

Oh Star Fox, no matter what they do there seems to be no way to get people interested again. If they try something new people are upset with the changes. If they change nothing people are upset it's just the same. Such a troubled IP that deserves so much better. Hopefully the Grand Prix is real, if done with similar care that Mario Kart is it could be the best space racer around.

I know that's why I have my doubts on it. How many times they reported that Super Mario 64 would be remastered?

I'll take any of them, but if I could choose only one, Sunshine would win each and every time!!

I would LOVE to see remasters of Mario 64, Mario Land 2, and SMB2. But I'm not sure I believe the rumor. ALL of the Mario games? That's a LOT of games, and remastering becomes a bigger and bigger job the later the games are... unless the Galaxy games are just ported and run at a higher resolution.

They have said this many times before so I won't hold my breath.

BUT if is true I would love to play 3D remasters of the classic Mario quatrilogy (SMB1, 2, 3 and World) and maaaaaaybe Super Mario 64.

I'm not sure about the 2D games especially since SMB1 through World (and even Yoshi's Island) are already on the Switch Online apps for NES and SNES, but remastering the 3D games I can see happening. A "Super Mario 3D All-Stars" which has Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1 and 2, 3D Land, and 3D World with cleaner looking visuals but retaining the overall graphics from the originals (meaning Mario 64 would still retain its low polygon count).

I think that's a possibility. They already have the classic games and also NSMBU which seems to exclude the NSMB games since it's the one in that series that is as good as the classics. Super Mario 3d All Star though, that would be neat though I'm not they would go as far as to include SM3DW.

Can't wait for that Super Mario Odyssey remaster!

Honestly I really think Odyssey 2 is a given. They made tons of money with the first, they mentioned that they have cut ideas, they've got the engine ready. Just like breath of the wild 2, they will go the galaxy way, look at what they have for a dlc and decide it's a new game instead.


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