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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collector Editions Have Begun to Ship

For those of you lucky enough to get one.

28 September 2022
by the8bitlego 3

For those of you that snagged a copy of the Xenoblade 3 special edition, check your emails as they have begun to ship out. It was quite the challenge to get one, so hopefully, they are worth the wait!

If you are curious as to all that was included in this special edition, check out its contents here.


A new survey sent out to My Nintendo members is all about gauging interest in the various Pokemon Spinoffs. Seen above, most all major types of Pokemon games are covered, from classic RPG’s to the more experimental games like Pokemon Go.

You may have received this survey recently if you are a member of My Nintendo, so check out your inbox if you want to participate.

Playtonic to Hold Charity Auction for Special Effect on October 7th

Get your hands on some original Tricky art!

28 September 2022
by the8bitlego 0

If you’ve been looking for some rare and possibly one-of-a-kind video game collectibles, it might be worth your while to check out Playtonic’s upcoming charity auction. This auction will be supporting Special Effect, a charity focused around helping kids with disabilities to be able to play video games.

This auction will feature a variety of gaming-related items, including a hand-painted photo of Tricky from Starfox adventures, painted by the original artist and voice actor.

This isn’t the only item up for grabs, as a multitude of developers will be involved with this event. If you are interested in participating in this auction, this link should bring you to the auction once it goes live October 7th.

If you want to support the cause but can’t participate in the auction, many mobile games purchased on October 7th will also donate proceeds to the charity.

Fanmade "Saucy" Chef Kawasaki Card Game Shutdown

Quite the character for this kind of art!

28 September 2022
by the8bitlego 0
Mildly (Quite Cartoonish) NSFW
Mildly (Quite Cartoonish) NSFW

With many characters in gaming, it goes without saying that there will be some “suspect” art of them out there. Chef Kawasaki is one of the characters that I wouldn’t have thought would have such a wealth of “content” to go through however.

To my surprise, there actually has been enough made by KWSKkaruta to make an entire card game based around it. This game was put up for sale on September 25th, and was garnering some attention on Twitter due to its strange nature.

To no one’s surprise, HAL took an issue with the use of their characters and asked KWSKkaruta to take down the project just 3 days after its announcement. You may think that this wouldn’t have effected many people, however the cardgame actually sold out soon after going live.

While the original listing to order the card game is no longer available, most of the art is still up on the KWSKkaruta Twitter. Be warned, much of it is slightly NSFW, so I wouldn’t recommend opening it in public areas.

Many of the art on their Twitter seems to be just the art that was going to be used on the cards, so we still have a good idea as to what the final product may have looked like. Also, the cards could hypothetically still be made if someone still wanted to make them for themselves.


Risk of Rain 2 is hands-down one of the best rogue-like’s on Switch, but sadly we will have to wait a bit longer for its first big expansion, Survivors of the Void. Last we heard the expansion was slated to release for consoles this winter, however it seems we will have to wait until next year at the earliest for release.

While it is a shame to have to wait even longer, on the bright side this extra time will be used to completely rework the game for better parity between PC and consoles in the future. This should make the gaps between content updates on PC and Consoles significantly smaller for future updates.

If you are interested in just what this DLC will include, PC players received this update earlier in the year, so there is plenty of ways to see what we should be getting here on consoles in the future.



Quite frequently fans of the Pokemon series will make their own Pokemon games due to their love of the series. Perhaps one of the most interesting ones to date has been made by Ollin Boer Bohan, a deep-learning scientist for Nvidia.

The feature that sets this demo apart is that it was entirely comprised using machine learning, which gives the game an almost dream-like feel. The demo only allows you to walk around in a pokemon world, but it does replicate the games surprisingly well.

I recommend not just checking out the demo, but reading the article Ollin wrote accompanying his creation. It goes in-depth on just how this technology works in an easy-to-understand way. It’s an interesting read for anyone interested in just how this technology works.

The cut stage is featured on the bottom row.
The cut stage is featured on the bottom row.

Due to the diligent work of Forest of Illusion as well as Twitter users Render Archive and Nintoid, we now have high-quality scans of Nintendo’s 1996 company report! At first glance, it would seem that nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be included in this report. However, one section of the report features screenshots from the long-lost Super Mario 64 extended B-Roll.

5 of these screenshots are particularly special because they feature a previously unseen stage from an earlier build of Super Mario 64. This stage appears to take place in an underwater ghost level that is nowhere to be seen in the final release. Interestingly, when these screenshots are played together, you can almost get a sense of what the level would have played like.

Check out these screenshots in a gif-form and the rest of the 1996 report here.

Real screenshot from Yakuza 0.
Real screenshot from Yakuza 0.

Fan’s hoping to one day see the Yakuza series on Switch may never see that day come, according to executive producer Masayoshi Yokoyama. In his eyes, the “underground feeling” of the Yakuza series doesn’t fit with the family-friendly perception of the Switch.

“Do we want to put a title like this where we’re going around and picking a fight with the world and doing all this Yakuza stuff, on a Switch,” Yokoyama explained. According to the producer, the family-friendly image of the Switch in its home ground of Japan clashes with the “underground feeling” that Yakuza games project.

“We still kind of think of ourselves as people of the night world, right? We don’t want to be like walking around the day with everybody else,” Yokoyama said. “Like for us, it’s kind of showing this kind of underground feeling. I think the underground kind of feeling is what we want to do.”


While the Yakuza series is for sure a violent series, it’s hard to argue that it couldn’t fit on Switch. Countless third-party M-rated games have been released on the Switch since its launch, many of which are much more violent than any Yakuza game. Many moments in the Yakuza series are quite silly as well, making it hard to say that it takes itself that seriously.

This opinion of the Switch’s family-friendliness (and to a lesser extent Nintendo as a whole), while still present, had appeared to be less prevalent as it had been in the past. Game releases such as Doom and Doom Eternal, two of the goriest and most violent game’s in recent memory both are available on Switch, right alongside polar opposites such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This isn’t even the first time a Yakuza game has appeared on a Nintendo console, as Yakuza 1 and Yakuza 2 were both released on Wii U.

Here’s hoping Masayoshi Yokoyama may change his mind about the series’ place on Switch, as many people would love to see releases on the System.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

Tired of grinding for hours upon hours to fill Link’s quiver in BOTW? With this newly discovered glitch, it’s possible to max out Link’s arrow count quite quickly with just a few steps. I’m not familiar with BOTW glitching, so many of these instructions went over my head, but for experienced glitch hunters, this method should be a piece of cake.

Check out either the video above or this link for text instructions on how to perform this glitch.

Thanks to CM30 for the heads up!


Anyone old enough to remember the days of gaming magazines will without a doubt recognize this old style of ad, which featured video game elements plastered into real life. To celebrate the release of Splatoon 3, Artist KemmoAdo created a fake ad that Splatoon 3 could have received back in the day.

Kemmo didn’t stop there, making ads for other Switch classics such as Metroid Dread, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Kemmo also inspired another user Alayna to make their own new “old” ad in this same style for Super Mario Odyssey.


While this probably won’t be the grand return of this style of marketing, it’s been fun seeing ads for what these games may have looked like if they had been released long ago. Here’s hoping Kemmo and Alayna continue with this trend inspiring even more artists to give this technique a go.

Be sure to check out both KemmoAdo and Alayna on Twitter for all of their future projects!


The upcoming visual novel Yukar From the Abyss just got it’s full voice cast revealed through a video from developer LocaGames. This video showcases each actor and their character, giving a small glimpse into what to expect from the game’s final release.

Yukar From the Abyss currently does not have a release date, but is confirmed to be released on Switch.


Pokemon fans looking to pick up Pokemon Scarlet and Violet this November will be receiving an extra bonus in the form of a new Pokemon Card. This card features Pikachu backed up by the new starters. It is important to note that the double-pack for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will not include the card, only individual copies.

Want this card for yourself but don’t live in Japan? Thanks to the lack of region locking on Switch, importing a Japanese copy of the game should allow you to secure this card for yourself on November 18th.


If you’ve been keeping up with discussions surrounding Splatoon 3 for the last few months, it’s been commonplace to see concerns popping up anywhere you look. The biggest and most vocal of these complaints have centered on “why” we need Splatoon 3. Many fans of the series felt that there was no real need for a 3rd game, and Nintendo should’ve just continued updating Splatoon 2 instead. While I don’t believe this line of thinking was ever completely invalid, when looking at the history of the Splatoon franchise, you notice these same concerns happened with the second installment as well. Along with that, those worries were alleviated right before the launch of the game.

All the way back with the announcement of the first Splatoon, there were concerns that there wasn’t enough depth to the gameplay to last. Roughly a month before release, we got the first Splatoon Direct, which showed us just how much there was to offer. This included looks at a full single-player campaign and the game’s Ranked Modes, just to name a few. Two years later with the launch of the Switch, we got the announcement for Splatoon 2. Like clockwork, we saw a similar response to what we’re hearing now: Do we really need a new Splatoon?

A Little to the Left Dev "already has ideas" for post-launch content

Heading a little in the right direction

24 August 2022
by the8bitlego 0

In a recent interview with the developer of A Little to the Left, it was revealed that post-launch content may be coming! According to Anne Macmillan, co-founder of Max Inferno, they have an interest in “bringing some seasonally themed puzzles to players”, as well as “explor[ing] ideas that didn’t quite make it to the core game”.

Earlier this year we heard about planned daily challenges, which may be apart of some of the planned content to come. However, this seasonal content seems to be entirely new, it’s exciting to wonder what may be to come.

A Little to the Left doesn’t currently have a release date on Switch, but with a PC release right around the corner, it’s safe to say we won’t have to wait long. Be sure to check out the rest of the interview for more information on the game!


Following yesterday’s Ryu Crimson Hawk Ranger announcement, it came as little surprise that Hasbro had more to share.

Today’s announcement was all about Chun-Li Blazing Phoenix Ranger. Standing at 6 inches tall, this figure also features premium paint, 20 points of articulation, and swappable hands. Figures are available for preorder now at 33.99 and should ship in March 2023.

When Chun-Li gets a Power Coin, her awesome fighting style gets a boost from the grid. This 6-inch Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Power Rangers x Street Fighter Collab action figure features premium paint and decorative details inspired by Capcom’s iconic Street Fighter franchise and its Power Rangers mashup, with over 20 points of articulation for high poseability. Plus, swappable hands for more ways to play or display. Includes 6-inch plastic figure, stand, 1 pair of additional hands, and 3 accessories. Ages 4 and up.

For anyone interested in owning this figure, preorders can be found here.