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Fans of romance games have 2 heavy hitters to look forward to with The Quintessential Quintuplets: Memories of a Quintessential Summer and The Quintessential Quintuplets: Five Memories Spent With You releasing May 23rd on Switch! Both games are sure to feature quite a lot of dating and romance, if that’s your cup of tea. In addition, the games will be available separately or in a double pack. Neat!

Check out the descriptions for both The Quintessential Quintuplets: Memories of a Quintessential Summer and The Quintessential Quintuplets: Five Memories Spent With You below.

It’s summer vacation! Futaro (voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) and his younger sister Raiha (voiced by Natsumi Takamori) have been invited to the quintuplets’ private island. But a sudden storm turns what was supposed to be a three-day, two-night vacation into two weeks of survival!

What fate awaits in this edge-of-your-seat island adventure with the quintuplets?

The five heroines are fully voiced by popular Japanese voice actors: Ichika Nakano (voiced by Kana Hanazawa), Nino Nakano (voiced by Ayana Taketatsu), Miku Nakano (voiced by Miku Itou), Yotsuba Nakano (voiced by Ayane Sakura), and Itsuki Nakano (voiced by Inori Minase)!

The game is also packed with newly drawn illustrations created specifically for the game! Enjoy visuals of the heroines in their swimsuits and wedding dresses, and the various expressions they show during their days on the island.

[Memories of a Quintessential Summer]

Ichika Nakano, Nino Nakano, Miku Nakano, Yotsuba Nakano, and Itsuki Nakano are going on a graduation trip to Okinawa with protagonist Futaro Uesugi (voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) and his younger sister Raiha (voiced by Natsumi Takamori). In preparation for a long-distance relationship after graduation, Futaro wants to restate his feelings to the girl he confessed to. His goal is to kiss her during a graduation trip.

What will become of their love?

The five heroines are fully voiced by popular Japanese voice actors: Ichika Nakano (voiced by Kana Hanazawa), Nino Nakano (voiced by Ayana Taketatsu), Miku Nakano (voiced by Miku Itou), Yotsuba Nakano (voiced by Ayane Sakura), and Itsuki Nakano (voiced by Inori Minase)!

The game scenario is totally new, allowing players to confess their feelings to any of the quintuplets. The game also features the color setting of Okinawa, along with original illustrations and other features that express the allure of a graduation trip!

[Five Memories Spent With You]

As part of Mojang’s ongoing 15th birthday celebration for Minecraft, a trailer has been released showcasing a family growing up with the game. It’s a cute trailer showing a couple playing Minecraft, and then sharing it with their child. Alongside this trailer, there is a big sale going on for Minecraft games until June 4th, including deals up to 50%! After watching this trailer, be sure to check it out!


Poltchagueist and Pikachu look the be the best of friends in the Japanese Pokemon Center’s newest set of merch. Fitting with Poltchagueist’s delicious appearance, a good portion of this drop includes teapots, bowls, and cups, perfect for a foody Pokemon. Check out the full list of items below, or follow this link for the whole collection.

  • A4 clear folder: 330 JPY
  • A5 ringed notebook: 792 JPY
  • Absorbent coaster: 1100 JPY
  • Acrylic charm collection: 880 JPY
  • Cloth pouch: 1100 JPY
  • Earrings (pierced and un-pierced): 1430 JPY
  • Fan: 2200 JPY
  • Guest towel: 825 JPY
  • Hair clip: 1265 JPY
  • Hand towel: 1430 JPY
  • Kaishi paper that can double as a memo pad: 660 JPY
  • Matcha langue de chat biscuits: 1650 JPY
  • Memo pad: 660 JPY
  • Multiple purpose pouch that can double as a kaishi paper holder: 1760 JPY
  • Poke Ball Japanese tea pot: 5500 JPY
  • Poltchageist condiment/tea holder: 4180 JPY
  • Portable tea set: 14,300 JPY
  • Stainless steel water bottle: 3080 JPY
  • Stickers: 770 JPY
  • Tape: 660 JPY
  • Tumbler mug with lid: 2420 JPY
  • Utensils: 1100 JPY
  • Zafuton cushion: 4180 JPY

If anything in the above list catches your eye, you can grab anything from the collection here.

Enter a world of fiction when Realm of Ink splashes onto Switch… sometime in the near future? While there isn’t a concrete release date just yet, those looking forward to Real Of Ink can dive into the action on Switch! Check out the video above for a taste of the action, or the description below for some wordier flavor.

You will initially play as the swordsman Red before progressively unlocking other characters. With the help of the ancient Scriptbound Fox and the immortal power of the mysterious Fox Blood, you will defeat four Bosses to reclaim your own destiny. During the journey, the long-lost Ink Gems are rediscovered; the truth of the Book Spirit is gradually revealed; soon Red and others discover that they are just fictional characters in Realm of Ink. Everything seems to be destined: the old world will collapse while a new world is forming, and the awakened spirits will be meant to reshape their true selves amidst countless cycles of destruction.

Key Features

  • Exquisite Ink-style art: From the verdant Buddhist forests, the frigid enchanted Monkey Kingdom, the gentle yet terrifying waterland to the ancient and reverent ruins of Mausoleum, each of the four themed stages is distinctive. But beware, behind the beautiful scenery, there are numerous lurking demons and hidden perils. What secrets lie in the pasts of the three protagonists and several dozen NPCs? Embrace the challenges and uncover the truths!
  • Various combinations and builds: Ink Gems have assorted appearances, and they will reinforce one another. Use them to explore diverse build of martial arts schools and master powerful skills of Yin and Yang to defeat enemies with a single strike! Hundreds of rare magical treasure trigger various unique effects and provide distinctive attribute bonuses, empowering your martial arts schools and allowing you to effortlessly defeat all enemies! You can also engage in long-term character development outside of combat and unlock new combinations of moves and combat styles. With a dual-cycle system inside and outside combat, you’ll have a fresh experience every time!
  • A journey into the unknown, composing of distinctive stages: Explore a variety of battle stages and routes where you can collect Ink Relics, fortune and magical treasure as well as duel with the boss. In this exhilarating journey into the unknown, you will enter various stages and encounter a diverse cast of NPCs, making the entire journey full of surprises!
  • Fight alongside your intimate Ink Pets: Mysterious in origin and adorable in appearance, the Ink Pets will be your companions. As the Ink Gems level up, your Ink Pets will also undergo a transformation, becoming more powerful to fight alongside you!


Pokemon have been making their mark in the Squishmallow market for a while now, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Dragonite and Marill are now (officially) the next Squishmallows to join the family!

Sadly there isn’t an official date for their release just yet, however, it surely can’t be much too much longer of a wait. If you want a little more squish in your life and the “soon” isn’t coming quick enough, check out the whole line up of Pokemon Squishmallow’s here!


Pre-orders for the Dragonite and Marill Squishmallows are now officially open. Each one is priced at $30 and you can lock in your purchase here and here.

Blade Jumper Releasing On Switch May 23rd

Mind if I grab a slice?

25 April 2024
by the8bitlego 0

Ive always wanted to climb up trap-filled towers, but sadly they are pretty few and far between. Luckily for me Blade Jumper can recreate that experience, and give me a cool sword! How lucky! Personally, as a fan of Katana Zero, this game has caught my eye, as it seems to have both a similar style and game-play. Its set to come out May 23rd, so not too much longer of a wait!

Check out the game’s description below for more information, or grab a glimpse of the action above!

Blade Jumper is a 2D action platformer where players use a simple jump mechanic in order to climb the obstacle-filled tower.

In 2045’s Yeouido, in the heart of Seoul, the massive structure Kukuru Tower was constructed, overshadowing the rest of the city. In this unfathomably high tower, the selected 1% of Seoul residents live their happy lives, separated from the outside world.

From their headquarters within Kukuru Tower, the authoritarian Unreality conglomerate dominates Seoul with pleasurable feelings, using its highly addictive Kukuru Candies. The vigilante group Ground Z, preparing for the final battle to overthrow Unreality’s hold, comes looking for you, their former infamous agent.

Are you ready to climb the mysterious Kukuru Tower?


Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord Is quite an old, but influential game. Its a shame there’s no way to play it in beautiful, remastered 3D glory… Oh wait, there is now! Or, at the very least, there will be in just a few weeks. Coming May 23rd, a full, 3d Remaster of this classic will be available once more!

A pretty cool detail from this remake is that it is built straight from the original, meaning you can switch between new and old! Neat! Check out the full press release below for all of the details!

In 1981, SirTech released the first game in what would soon become a legendary RPG series – Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord for the Apple II. As the very first party-based dungeon crawler, it was one of the key games that launched the role-playing genre, directly inspiring enduring series like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Demon’s Souls.

Now Digital Eclipse, a studio dedicated to the historical preservation of video games, is treating RPG fans worldwide to a full 3D remaster of this genre-defining game.

Following last year’s Early Access release on Steam and GOG, Digital Eclipse’s Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord remaster will be released on May 23 in its fully completed form for Nintendo Switch.


Digital Eclipse’s Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord revival is built directly on top of the original Apple II game’s code, preserving the appeal of the classic while also incorporating modern graphics and improved party management, navigation, spellcasting, and combat.

While the remake may look, sound, and feel completely new, the original Apple II game is under the hood – you can even view the original interface while you’re playing.

Craft your own party of adventurers and head into the labyrinth at the behest of the mad overlord Trebor, in search of the amulet stolen by the evil wizard Werdna. Battle challenging monsters, avoid hidden traps, and find your way through the dungeon for the ultimate showdown with Werdna himself.

Enthusiastic player feedback of an Early Access build contributed to numerous improvements in the final game, including:

Beautiful new graphics & animations for a game that, by necessity, only offered rudimentary visuals, now with the power of Unreal Engine.

User-selectable options that allow players to tailor the gameplay to their liking, including popular options from the console editions of the game. Players can also choose no new options at all to experience the original, more challenging gameplay.

An in-game Bestiary that records key information on enemies as they’re encountered and offers strategic advice on their strengths and weaknesses.

A lush musical soundtrack from composer Winifred Philips, including some fan-favorite themes from Wizardry history.

A controller-friendly interface, with a one-button shortcut for fast combat choices.

Fully localized into English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, and German.

[Press Release]

Splatoon 3 'Baby Chicks vs. Li'l Bunnies vs. Bear Cubs' Splatfest winner revealed

Mr Grizz may have had a paw or two in this result...

22 April 2024
by the8bitlego 0

Another month, another splatfest! This time, the Inklings and Octolings were fighting for the fluff, trying to determine just who had the best feel overall. The competitors included Chicks, Bunnies, and Bear Cubs, a wide variety of cute indeed!

It was a long, hard, inky battle, but one victor reigned supreme. Bear Cubs officially have the best fluff, according to the Splatoon 3 playerbase. For a full breakdown of the results, covering the Sneak Peak to the Tricolor battles, check out OatmealDome’s full breakdown here!

The cast of Paramount’s upcoming Knuckles Series has shared a look behind the curtain at what it takes to bring the red echidna to the streaming screen. Idris Elba is certainly the star of the show, playing the main character and all, but it can’t all be him. Check out the video above to get the run down on who else to expect in Knuckles!

Paramount + members in America and Canada can look forward to Knuckles on April 26th, while everyone else will have to wait just a little longer for its release on April 27th.

What a shmup’ without some jamming tracks! Shikhondo: Youkai Rampage just dropped, and with it, they shared a selection of songs you can expect to hear in the game while blasting yokai! Check out the ten toe-tapping tracks above, and take a look at the game’s description below.


❋ Continuing the long line of shoot’em up classics! Boasts unique and charming protagonists, a variety of bosses with bizarre and fantastical designs, and waves upon waves of enemies to keep players on their toes!

❋ The charm of Eastern fantasy! In reimagining the Youkai from Korean folktales and historical records from a new perspective, the game features inventive original characters drawn in an elegant fashion and a gripping story fully-voiced by professional voice actresses.

❋ Soul collection system Shikhondo: Youkai Rampage features a unique system called ‘Soul Collect’, where players can charge their ‘Soul Gauge’ as they avoid enemy bullets. It’s perilous, but the closer players stay to bullets, the faster their gauges charge!

Then, players can use their dodge to evade bullets for a moment! Nullify enemy attacks and shoot for a new high score!

❋ Various game modes! Play through the main story in Arcade mode, focus down the bosses in Boss Rush mode, or get double souls but lose in a single hit in Hardcore mode.

Shikhondo: Youkai Rampage also features a new Dual mode, a strategic single-player mode that allows switching between the two protagonists to match the circumstances players face!

In addition, the game has been reworked, adding new optional features and even a new stage!


Shikhondo: Youkai Rampage just launched today, so if you like what you hear, be sure to give it a look aswell!


Have you ever experienced a seemingly random plane crash in GTA: San Andres? Well, now we have an explanation as to why those happen! Obbe Vermeij, a former developer for Rockstar who worked on the game’s planes may have the answer!

The tweet above is a great breakdown of just how the planes work. There were 3 big issues. First, when a plane is spawned, it checks for possible collisions, however, it can’t check for everything so a few smaller obstacles can slip through. Similarly, sometimes instead of an obstacle not being caught, it doesn’t load them in time. If neither of these causes a crash, sometimes the plane will just lose too much height.

The plane’s code seems much more complex than one might initially expect, leading the code to create “doomed flight paths”. Spooky!


Mario Wonder is a massive game, with a staggering amount of unique content. So it’s no surprise that a lot was left out in the final release! Recently Nintendo held a panel going over some of this cut content, and some of it is really quite cool!

This cut wonder effect has been the star of the show so far, and it’s not just because we got a video. The above video shows Mario trading his traditional mustached face for a more built look. This new transformation is short-lived as some flying munchers want to chow down on every piece they can get their mouths on!

Here we see a few more cut wonder mechanics, with some that made it to functional in-game prototypes. Sadly it seems most never escaped their paper prison, however.

Nintendo’s developer panels are always quite interesting, as they give a peak behind the curtain that we normally don’t get. With the staggering amount of uniqueness present in Mario Wonder, its understandable that some stuff had to get cut. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of a few of these ideas, particularly the really mini Mario!

Nintendo are racking up quite the collection of Splatoon 3 Icons, as this week we have another wave to choose from! Each icon will cost 10 Platinum Coins, while a background will only set you back 5. Take a look at the tweet above for the list, and make sure to grab-em now before they’re gone!


Cult of the Lamb was released to huge success back in 2022, and it looks like they are here to stay! Spinning out of the events of the game is Cult of the Lamb: The First Verse, the game’s first graphic novel. The book was funded in an unbelievable 6 minutes, so it’s pretty clear there’s a lot of demand!

The book seems to follow the events of the game, just with a little more lore to look forward to. Check out a description of what to expect below.

In a land pervaded by cruelty and evil, the most innocent among us – young Lamb, the last of their kind – was selected to become a final, dark sacrifice. Their death would forever seal the darkest of the Old Gods from our realm and usher in a new age ruled by the four eldritch Bishops of the Old Faith. So Lamb died… then forged a deal of their own.

At the crossroads of eternity, Lamb was met by the imprisoned deity known as The One Who Waits, who revealed the lies and distortions of the false prophets who rule the world above. And so, Lamb was bequeathed the power and responsibilities of the Red Crown and returned to the land of living with unholy powers to exact vengeance and deliver a new cult unto the Earth.

The Bishops of the Old Faith must fall … The disbelievers must be destroyed … And, as Lamb assembles their flock, a new master shall reign over creation!

Presenting all four issues of Oni Press’ upcoming CULT OF THE LAMB comic book series in one deluxe, 112-page collection from heretic-smashing creators Alex Paknadel and Troy Little, the hit Devolver Digital / Massive Monster video game is reborn as an all-new graphic novel exploring and expanding the second life of the sacrifice turned spiritual warlord known simply as Lamb.


To see all of the sweet goodies you can get for backing, check out the Kickstarter here.

Traveling Korok Plush Now Available In Japanese Nintendo Stores

Help them find their way (to your) home!

29 February 2024
by the8bitlego 0

Japanese Tears of the Kingdom fans are in luck, as they can help bring two lost friends together in the real world! Sadly for us overseas, its only available in Japan at the moment at all 3 Nintendo stores. Check out the tweet above for more details. Hopefully soon these little guys travel a bit farther to be available to the rest of us!