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Have you noticed Link getting some shiny new weapons, or maybe a few new Boss Bokoblins running around in Tears of the Kingdom? Well, there may be a reason for that.

For those of you who didn’t know, Breath of the Wild actually featured an invisible XP system, where link would “level up” throughout the game, seeing harder enemies and getting better gear the more you played. Interestingly, the same thing seems to happen in Tears of the Kingdom.

Austin John Plays made a great video explaining how this system works, but it’s important to note its mostly just speculation at this point, as there haven’t been any in-depth datamines of the game at this point. However, considering Breath of the Wild contained this same feature, theres a good chance Tears of the Kingdom’s system is quite similar. For a quicker rundown of the system, check out IGN’s video below!


Earlier this year, we learned that E3 was once again canceled after hearing many big names, including Nintendo, weren’t attending. This was disappointing news for many, as Nintendo always held a great direct for the event. Last year after a similar E3 cancelation, we never got a full-fledged Direct, only a Partner Showcase. Because of this, many are wondering if Nintendo will have a direct during this year’s E3 Timeframe.

According to Ethan Gach of Kotaku, Nintendo is planning on having a “digital showcase” sometime this year. While the “this year” portion is a little vague, with how close it is to E3 season, it seems likely we could be getting a presentation pretty soon. This could be backed up by the second part of his tweet, which says to expect more news from him in “coming weeks and months”.

Overall the timing lines up well for what would be E3 Season if it was still happening, and while this isn’t an official announcement, the news is from a quite reputable source. Heres hoping we do get a not-E3 E3 Direct!



Looking for a new way to stock up on supplies for Pokemon GO? Look no further than the new Pokemon GO Webstore! This new Webstore isn’t available in all regions yet, but promises to have exclusive deals and offers available on the site.

The stores first exlusive bundle is 24.99 and includes 2 Elite Fast TMs, 2 Elite Charged TMs, 10 Super Incubators, and 5 Premium Battle Passes. You can find that bundle here.

Check out Niantic’s announcment down below, or click here for the article.


We’re excited to announce the arrival of the new Pokémon GO Web Store! The Pokémon GO Web Store is currently available only in certain regions. More regions will be able to access the store soon.

The Pokémon GO Web Store will include limited-time deals, web-exclusive bundles, and other offers only available to Trainers through the web store. Trainers can log into the web store using their Pokémon GO credentials. Once purchased, PokéCoins will show up automatically in your Pokémon GO app!

PokéCoin bundles purchased through the web store will also include additional value by providing extra PokéCoins with each bundle. It’s the perfect place to stock up on PokéCoins before a big event—you can check out the web store here!

Trainers can access the store on any device that supports web browsers and will support additional methods of payment globally, making purchasing more accessible to all. For more information about the Pokémon GO Web Store, head to our Help Center article!


To celebrate 7 years of Dead by Daylight, the developers have a special stream planned May 19th! What could be featured in this stream? Probably new Dead by Daylight content, but who knows! Be sure to tune in to not miss out!



As if anyone needed another reason to buy the new remake of We Love Katamari, Bandai Namco has sweetened the deal. Anyone who pre-orders the game from the Bandai Namco Website will also receive a bucket hat featuring The Prince!

At the time of writing, the Nintendo Switch version of We Love Katamari is out of stock, but keep checking back if you want the hat, as more stock may become avaliable!

Check Out Discord Running On Both The Wii and DS

Youre not supposed to run on it???

10 May 2023
by the8bitlego 0

Youtuber Micheal MJD has shown off quite a few crazy things possible on old Nintendo hardware, and this new example is no exception. By following just a few steps, it’s possible to get a semi-functioning version of Discord running on both the Wii and DS!

While getting it set up on the Wii is fairly simple, the DS requires an internet browser cartridge, which would make it a bit harder to pull off. That being said, anyone who wants to try this out should definitely check out the video above, as it works as a complete tutorial for the whole setup.


Dark Quest III to release on Switch May 24th

Someone turn on the lights!

10 May 2023
by the8bitlego 0

Looking for a new tabletop-inspired roguelike adventure? Look no further than Dark Quest III! Check out the full breakdown below, and the trailer above for some action-packed gameplay!

Heed my warning well, friends. A new evil has risen in the East. A power-hungry sorcerer of chaos magic is laying siege to the realm. That is why I called you here. You are heroes, one and all. And without you, all hope is lost. You will face untold challenges you may not survive, and old alliances will need to be rebuilt to stand a chance. I will guide you as best I can, but the rest is up to you.

Long, long ago, a young boy discovered an immensely powerful book of magic. Unlocking its power piece by piece, his curiosity soon turned to obsession.Simply studying the tome wasn’t enough. Before long, he used his findings to bring the very world to life. Trees, flowers, and mushrooms sprouted legs and maws, yearning for fresh meat. Wild animals were melded with humans and thrown into his labyrinth. The dead arose from the long-forgotten ruins. And in the city corrupted by gold, his tongue poisoned the king’s ear.

His obsession finally led to a tear in the veil - a portal to another place where untold horrors lurk. Now, they enter our world in droves, razing villages to the ground.

These unimaginable events have brought together heroes from across the realm. Heroes like you. From this camp, we will push these creatures back to the beyond and defeat this irredeemable sorcerer.

Work your way through deck after deck of dungeon encounters, roll checks to get through deadly obstacles, and face down foes in fast-paced strategic combat. Each run can bring fearsome new foes to fight, powerful new allies to enlist, and cunning new tools & tactics to employ as you try to conquer each deck and eventually stop the power hungry sorcerer who’s laying siege to the realm.

You start the game at hero camp where you must create your party and then go on journey throughout the world by choosing different areas. Choose each area based on your party’s strengths and weakness, draw adventure cards, roll dice, fight monsters and reach the chaos castle to defeat the sorcerer and his magic.

12 heroes and over 60 monsters
Procedurally generated adventures and combat
Rogue-lite experience where you create a party of heroes and play until you win or die
13 areas to play with over 150 adventure cards
Survive the skull of fate and the sorcerer's magic
Tactical based turn based combat with controlled random numbers
80+ combat cards ranging from spells, weapons, potions and equipment
Unique art world that looks, feels and plays like a tabletop
Voice over for the sorcerer playing the role of the Dungeon Master

Dark Quest III is set to release May 24th for $18.99. For more information, click here.


Hoping for more Sonic content when playing Minecraft? Well, you may be in luck! Seemingly leaked through Minecraft Marketplace’s API, a new Sonic-themed DLC may be on the way!

Judging by the picture, it seems like this may be an overhaul of the game’s textures, including a variety of sonic friends and foes. I especially like the farmer hedgehog with all of his little animal buddies!


Hogwarts Legacy just got an official music video to showcase one of the game’s songs! Checkout the song above, and take a look at the press release below for more information!

Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software released today a vocal music video for “Will I Fly (Isidora’s Song)” inspired by events from Hogwarts Legacy, the critically acclaimed, best-selling video game launching on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One on May 5, 2023. The haunting song performed by Utah-based recording artist Dune Moss is set alongside gameplay footage of Isidora, who faces harrowing choices about her own perception, the use of Ancient Magic and its curative potential. “Will I Fly (Isidora’s Song)” is available now from WaterTower Music across all digital streaming platforms.

Dune Moss, who began her vocal training at age 12 and appeared in the top 40 on “American Idol” in 2021, is also featured on “Overture to the Unwritten” on the Hogwarts Legacy (Original Video Game Soundtrack) from WaterTower Music.

Hogwarts Legacy invites players to embark on an epic journey as a fifth-year student at Hogwarts, gifted with a rare ability to tap into ancient, powerful magic much like Isidora. Guided by the Wizard’s Field Guide and unique instruction from professors and other characters, fans will uncover a compelling storyline filled with thrilling challenges and mysteries. Developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Games under the Portkey Games label, Hogwarts Legacy introduces an original story that puts players at the center of their own wizarding world adventure.

Hogwarts Legacy launched on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series XǀS and PC on February 10 and is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 25.

To view and share the Hogwarts Legacy – “Will I Fly” Music Video, visit: Hogwarts Legacy – “Will I Fly” Music Video

To download the Hogwarts Legacy – “Will I Fly” Music Video, visit: Hogwarts Legacy – “Will I Fly” Music Video

To watch the Hogwarts Legacy Twitch Live Stream on May 5 at 9am PDT/12pm EDT, visit: Avalanche Software Twitch

Join the Hogwarts Legacy conversation on Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram ( and YouTube (


[Press Release]

Taking inspiration from outside sources is a fairly common occurrence in gaming. These can often range from a wide variety of sources, including works of fiction such as books, shows, or movies, and even some real-life events. It seems that 2015’s Life is Strange may have taken direct inspiration from a real-life missing-persons case, as the in-game missing-person poster for Rachel strikes an uncanny resemblance to a real-life missing-person poster for Sunday Blombergh.

As described by the late Sunday Blombergh’s daughter Isabella, details surrounding the character Rachel’s backstory and physical appearance are nearly identical. As seen on the poster, the character’s height and eye color are exactly the same, and they even share some similar tattoos. The poster also shares a phone number to contact the local sheriff, which is exactly the same other than the area code.

Since all of this is only on the in-game poster, one could assume that the devs were simply using the poster as a reference, and should have changed a few details to make it more unique. However, according to Sunday Blombergh’s nephew, many in-game background details are also quite similar.

“On Rachel’s wiki page, there are several descriptions that are near-copies of Sunday,” her nephew, Skylur Blombergh, told me over email. “‘Generally considered popular and nice, but also rebellious;’ [the wiki writers] imply Rachel was a drug addict, and [describe] her love for art. That was Sunday nearly to a T.” But he emphasizes that, despite what inconsiderate media coverage suggested, Sunday had stopped using drugs much prior to her death.


“My grandfather, Reign Blombergh, broke down when he first found out about it,” Skylur told me, “because he felt as if people wouldn’t just leave it alone. That seemed to have been the general consensus among the family.”

“The developers […] should have reached out to the family,” he concluded.


While the developers surely didn’t mean to match the case this closely, it is a good point that they should have reached out beforehand, as it is quite a sensitive issue. Surely no ill intent was meant behind these decisions. In the future, it may be a good idea to do a second look when dealing with real-life inspiration.



Alien Isolation, hands-down one of the best horror games out there has been available on Switch for some time now, but only digitally. Thats all about to change with 3 new physical editions of the game courtesy of Limited Run Games! Check out all 3 editions below:


Looking for a physical edition of Redemption Reapers? If you’re in Japan, you’re in luck! Launching July 13th and retailing for 6028 yen, this physical package can be all yours!

Checkout the full release here!

With a name like God of Rock, one would expect some stellar music. Those expectations would be correct, as some truly great composers worked together to make a truly divine soundtrack. Check out the video above for a deep dive!

Composing for video games requires many things—musical skill, an understanding of modern scoring techniques, an awareness of player experience, and perhaps even a hint of sorcery. God of Rock composers share the magic of creating music for video games.

Hilde's Story Trailer Released for God of Rock

Talking food??? Count me in!

19 April 2023
by the8bitlego 0

A new trailer has been released for God of Rock, a Guitar Hero style vs game! This trailer focuses on the backstory of Hilda, a character contacted by the titular God of Rock through her lunch. I gotta be honest, I don’t know much about this game, but the talking food has pulled me in. Check out the trailer above!

Yearning for some yokai-blasting action for your Switch? Well, look no further than Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery! Check out the new release trailer up above, and a description below!

Shoot various goodies and spooky spirits that appear in the festival booths to win tokens and a chance to go spirit hunting at the local haunted house! In minigame mode, players may choose to either compete against friends or work together to clear over 10 challenges!