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Honestly, with the box, probably worth about $20-$30. Truthfully, it's one of the more common games for the system. There were actually only 4 games released in the US for the Pokemon Mini. Pinball Mini, Puzzle Collection, Zany Cards, and Party Mini. There's also a Pokemon Tetris game that exists in English, but was never released in the US (but was released in Europe). I got real lucky a few years ago and got most of the English Pokemon Mini games for fairly cheap... and then bought Pokemon Tetris for about $60. I've a few times been after Pokemon Breeder Mini, but it tends to slip through my fingers quite easily. (Think of that one as Pokemon Tamagotchi.)
Anyway, if you're thinking of getting into collecting the Pokemon Mini games, I find http://www.pokemon-mini.net/ to be a great resource.
Oh, and one more thing about Pokemon Tetris... it's supposed to be really rare, but when I got my copy, I bought it from a guy in Portugal that actually had several thousand of them. Apparently the system didn't do so hot back when it was released, so a lot of the games were thrown in a warehouse and forgotten. (Supposedly there are ESRB-rated versions of Pokemon Tetris and Pokemon Puzzle Collection 2 out there, as well.)


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