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Wed May 13 15 01:35pm
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Someone should add movies to the title, and maybe even music, so it can be GN's all-purpose media thread.

Anyway, I've started watching The X-Files recently. The first episode is absolutely terrible, but I've sort of hooked since the second episode. The show has some problems, but every episode entrances me, kind of the same way a UFO's lights entrance you as you're driving down the highway... Something just compels you to move towards that beam of light coming down from the UF- I mean, watch the program on your television set. I used to be really interested with these kinds of things when I was young, so that's definitely part of it. The characters are great, the variety of mysteries is nice, and the cliffhangers and unsatisfying endings just keep you coming back. Also the theme song is eerily wonderful.


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