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It could end up being a cool game, but ultimately people would have preferred a console Metroid Prime game. I'm sure Nintendo knew that. It's also unfortunate to hear that no metroid game is being worked on for WiiU at all and that it won't be until NX (if at all on NX).

The big problem is Metroid Prime doesn't do well in Japan, and Nintendo works on games primarily for their Japanese market. So it's rough for us to want a Metroid game when it's not in their list of priorities.

I agree with Jayvir that just because it isn't the Metroid Prime game we wanted doesn't mean it will be a bad game, however I'm still reading up on the title and I'm unsure if the single-player experience on it is even going to be worth it for me. I don't see many of my friends getting this unless it's half the price of a retail game, and if they don't get it and the single-player is lacking, then I'm out of money and an experience.

I'm sure many people would agree with me, but I personally need that single-player Metroid Prime first-person shooter and puzzle experience on a Nintendo platform, preferably WiiU. My WiiU is screaming for it.

They have Samus TWICE in Super Smash Bros. She's in it TWICE not many characters are in smash bros twice. But there's still not much support for it in terms of games being developed starring her.

Hopefully there will be a Metroid on the NX! (For now, I'll just try to keep my heart in place by imagining how amazing a Metroid Prime will look and feel on NX compared to the wii MP3) But really, it's mind blowing that they would not have a metroid game in development when it's such a fantastic series and does so well in the US. Life is rough guys. Life is rough.


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