Action side-scroller "Super Nanaru" out today on Switch

Take Back Stolen Bread from the Devil!

24 March 2022
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Today (Thursday, March 24), CFK game publishing company officially released their new action side-scroller game SUPER NANARU, worldwide on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

SUPER NANARU is a game featuring baker girl Nanaru’s journey around the town in search of Yako, the troublesome devil who raided Nanaru’s entire stock of bread from her bakery.

● Here comes Nanaru to save the day!

To catch Yako, Nanaru must overcome hazardous obstacles that stand in her way.

As the adorable baker girl, the player uses only her jump to clear the hurdle, as well as fight powerful bosses to reclaim the lost bread.

● Challenge as many times as you need, and want

Featuring simple controls and intuitive gameplay, SUPER NANARU not only has the player move forward, but also travel up, down, and even backwards using unique and creative objects found throughout the stage.

Even if the player fails, they can start over from the last saved checkpoint as many times as they need and want, making the challenge much less burdensome.

● The journey becomes more colorful with bonus content

The player can use golden leaves found in the adventure to unlock a variety of bonus content for Nanaru, including adorable “Ggoma (kindergarten)” and mystic “Witch” costumes.

Some items have special abilities such as triple jump and magical barrier. Make sure to test each one of them, because they might be a big help in Nanaru’s journey!

SUPER NANARU, a baker girl’s grand adventure to take back her bread, has been officially release on Steam and Nintendo Switch today (Thursday, March 24). A special 10% discount is offered in Steam until Wednesday, March 30, and in Nintendo eShops until Wednesday, April 6.


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