PlatinumGames starts Bayonetta 3 dev blog series

Less than a month from launch!

30 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Bayonetta 3 comes to Switch on October 28th, 2022, which is less than a month away! In honor of the upcoming event, PlatinumGames has kicked off a dev blog series for Bayonetta 3 that they’re calling Umbran Studies.

The name of this blog, “Umbran Studies,” was borrowed from the in-game “tutorial book” of the same name, which can be accessed at any time during the game. If you ever need help in the game, browse through “Umbran Studies” to try and find an answer.

This first dev blog was penned by Bayonetta 3 Director Yusuke Miyata, and it’s pretty much just an introduction to the series of blogs itself. You can read the debut installment of this series here.

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