It’s the final push for the dual Kickstarter of Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood, and some new footage has been released of both games.

If you’ve not heard of this project. Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood are spiritual successors to the PlayStation exclusive JRPG’s Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts series’ respectively. Developed by Studio WIldrose and Wild Bunch Production (consisting of many key members of the original games development).

Armed Fantasia has a new field test video out, where you can see how the overworld will look in game. We also can see that you can swap between your characters on the fly, but whether this is just for developmental purposes or will be in the final game is yet to be seen.

In the Penny Blood footage we can see a the animation for a normal attack and a combo attack, both games are coming together pretty nicely.

While the Kickstarter for this project has ended as of today you can still click the link below to read up on all the details for both if this has peaked your interest.

Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood are currently aiming for a release on Switch but that may change in development.

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