For every Zelda game released, there’s many others that never see the light of day. Some make it to prototype stages, others are nothing more than a handful of design docs, but the end result is the same. Nintendo keeps them locked up tightly, never to be seen again…until today.

In the latest video from Did You Know Gaming, we learn of Heroes of Hyrule, a Legend of Zelda spin-off that was in development for the Nintendo DS. Perhaps most shocking of all, this game was being worked on by Retro of Metroid Prime fame.

According to this video, Heroes of Hyrule was going to offer gameplay somewhat similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, which would be quite a departure for the franchise. Unfortunately, the project ended up getting scrapped in the design doc stage, making it one spin-off we’ll never get to enjoy.

At least we now know that the project existed. It’s likely Nintendo never thought the public would find out about this project, but now that it’s out there, maybe fans can drum up some interest in a revival. Stranger things have certainly happened!

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1+ y ago

Love DYKG videos. No one digs deeper into what could’ve been than them.