I know many of you are excited for the return of the GoNintendo Podcast. Trust me, I am too! While that’s coming back on Saturday, March 12th, 2022, I thought I’d take this time to share something similar.

A few weeks back, Andre from GameXplain reached out. He was looking to sit down (virtually) for a chat about me, and all things GoNintendo. The goal was to dig into GoNintendo’s return, what would be different with this go-around, and to see where I’m at mentally. As I’ve known Andre for almost as long as I’ve run GoNintendo, I was equally happy/honored to have the opportunity.

Clocking in at nearly 2 hours, it’s a rather beefy feature. If you have the time to watch it, I hope you come away entertained and satisfied. Talking with Andre is ridiculously easy, considering I’ve conversed with him on a near weekly basis for around least 14 years now. I think having that connection beforehand paved the way for a more open, honest, and genuine interaction in this feature. In my opinion, this video makes for the perfect holdover until the GoNintendo Podcast returns.

Again, thanks to those who watch. You’ll be catching me again in audio/video form very soon.

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2+ y ago

GoNintendo X GameXplain. What a winning combination. I love both sites.


2+ y ago

Ahh the Andre that beats me to the punch with impressions haha. I had trouble getting videos out before them there back when I kept up with new release footage


2+ y ago

WELCOME BACK!!! So good to have this staple of the internet back up and running!!


2+ y ago

Good gravy, Andre is "extra."


2+ y ago

So great to see the site back and it was fantastic to hear everything that went into bringing it back. I've been following since 2005/2006 and I can't wait to see everything coming in the future!


2+ y ago

Loved the interview, it was cool hearing more about the early days of gonintendo, very interesting stories.


2+ y ago

We're back! Love the new site


2+ y ago

This was fun. Great going, Kevin and André.


2+ y ago

I'm so glad there's time stamps in this interview! I enjoyed it! Thanks.


2+ y ago

Listened to it over a couple sessions as it’s quite long. But I always enjoy listening to the stories of people who began gaming during the NES, or prior such as me. Also interesting to hear about the early days of GoNintendo.

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2+ y ago

It’s good to have you back, big guy. Your heart for gaming reaches people.


2+ y ago

Of the few reviews RMC did, they were always my fav.


2+ y ago

You know what would be a great combination? A monthly collaboration like this....


2+ y ago

I really hope Kevin will drop in with GVG too.


2y ago

I finally got around to listening to this. It’s great! A comfortable, laid back conversation and plenty of (Go)Nintendo talk. Nice gams, Kev!