The Last Cube is a puzzle game first and foremost, but it actually has quite a deep story tucked inside. The story is told through lore entries that you come across, and paint a picture you might not expect.

While including a story was always planned, the tale the developers aimed to tell changed quite a bit during development. In an interview with The Xbox Hub, Improx Games goes over the story beats for the game’s scrapped tale.

We always knew that we wanted there to be a story, but that story changed quite a lot along the way! In the original story idea, the cube was in a gigantic spaceship with six biomes, on its way to find a new home for the cube species. You would fix some parts of the ship in order for it to be able to reach its destination, and we even planned a voice-acted character that the cube would interact with. After many iterations the story shifted quite drastically, and in the final version, you’re playing on the original Cube Planet. This was the most natural way for us to show off the six biomes of the cube world, and if a player is interested in reading the nitty-gritty details in the Lore Entries, they can find out what led to the planet almost collapsing.

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