Kirby and the Forgotten Land definitely has plenty of enemies for Kirby to deal with. From henchmen to bosses and mid-bosses, Kirby will certainly have his hands full. That said, it seems that Nintendo originally wanted Kirby to face even more foes.

In Nintendo’s interview with HAL, we learn a bit more about the enemy placement in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Both Nintendo’s Kei Ninomiya and HAL director Shinya Kumazaki open up about enemy placement, and it turns out Nintendo wanted more, but HAL just couldn’t bear to see it! You can see the conversation between Ninomiya and Kumazaki below.


On the Nintendo side, we play through completed sections of the game as development progresses, then provide our feedback. We kept suggesting that HAL Laboratory increase the number and placement of enemies, but new stages would still arrive with noticeable gaps in terms of enemy encounters. I made a point to ask them directly, “Why aren’t the stages more densely populated?” Their response was that it wouldn’t be fair to poor Kirby to surround him with an overwhelming number of opponents!


They weren’t joking! Everyone on our development staff really loves Kirby, so no one wanted to torment him with an unfair situation. We also thought about people who aren’t skilled at 3D platformers and wanted to provide them with quieter areas where they could play and explore peacefully. So, no matter how many enemies we placed on the map for players to defeat, we couldn’t fill in all the gaps.

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2y ago

Hopefully they "torment Metaknight" in a speedrun mode as him instead for postgame. Postgame is in general the part I'm looking forward too the most, so really hope there is a mode like that in this too, as there has been in triple deluxe and robobot!


2y ago

Ethan Winters (or more specifically his hand perhaps) from Resident Evil 7 & 8 is over here wishing he was a Nintendo character all of a sudden.


2y ago

My most wanted Warriors crossover is with Kirby. Hopefully they feel it's okay for him to be tormented by that many enemies when he's vastly overpowered compared to normal.