A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism has been updated to Version 1.2.0. You can see the full patch notes for this update below.

New scenarios added

  • Adds two scenarions from the Steam version of the game
  • Let’s search for Nussie
  • Railroad revival


  • Tracking camera
  • You can now select Shinkansen and private cars as targets
  • You can track private cars by selecting them on the railway
  • Hierarchy Display
  • Adds a shortcut to change the hierarchy display.
  • The following can be used on the screen with the icon of the full map:
  • X + Up: moves up one level
  • X + Down: moves down one level
  • X + Left: shows current hierarchy/all hierarchies (toggle)
  • X + Right: shows current hierarchy/all hierarchies (toggle)

Train cars

  • Operational planning
  • Added “Empty track” to “Stop position”


  • New features
  • Blueprint management
  • On this screen, you can manage the blueprints in your possession in your current save data file. You can delete blueprints, rename vehicles, and add descriptions to vehicles. You can also transfer blueprints to the Hirogaru Kankou Line expansion.
  • Delete
  • Only applies to vehicles you built yourself.
  • Rename vehicle
  • Vehicle description (only available if you own the Hirogaru Kankou Line expansion)
  • Upload
  • NB: blueprints created before Ver. 1.1.3 will not appear as bonus blueprints in save data created with Ver. 1.2.0
  • Changes
  • Vehicle development
  • Stickers at the front and back of a bus are now separate, and can be applied separately


  • Buildings from the Steam version of the game have been added to the Nintendo Switch version.
  • Palm trees
  • Villas
  • Tower 3
  • Horse racing venue
  • Relay signals (tracks)
  • Train washing equipment (tracks)
  • Signs 20 (roads)
  • Driveway mirrors (roads)


  • Adds “Stop automatic development” to “Regional settings”
  • You can now choose whether city development is automatic in all regions, or just specific regions. If you choose to stop it, the city will not develop automatically during construction.


  • Adds “Anti-aliasing” to “Graphics”
  • Adds “Tracking camera after menu” in “Other settings”


  • Adds the content of the Hirogaru Kankou Line expansion

Bug fixes

  • Fixes various memory-related issues such as “Airports are sometimes not built”

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