Dragon Ball: The Breakers is mere days away from release. The asymmetric multiplayer experience launches on October 14th, 2022, and it’s going to pit 7 regular joes against 1 super-powered enemy. Crafting a game like this is no easy task, especially when it comes to balancing the action, and the dev team has shared some new insight into this process in a recent interview.

The PlayStation blog sat down with Yoshiya Otsuka, developer at Dimps Corporation, to learn more about the balancing process. While the team has spent a ton of time balancing the game, they plan to do even more post-launch. You can read Otsuka’s comments on the topic below.

YO: The balance to make an asymmetrical game of 1 vs 7, while producing the “overwhelming power difference unique to Dragon Ball” was one of the elements we have been careful with. At first glance, it may sound contradictory as we wanted to achieve an overwhelming difference in strength and yet maintain balance, but if this balance is not achieved, the game will not work. Even now, we are still adjusting the balance through testing right before the launch. As we will continue to operate the game after launch, constantly adjusting balance while adding new characters will be an ongoing matter.

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