Disco Elysium has won a ton of awards over the years, and that includes wins for the game’s soundtrack. Much like the game itself, Disco Elysium’s soundtrack is absolutely outstanding, and it does an amazing job of immersing you into the experience that much more.

The incredible music of Disco Elysium was crafted by British alternative rock band ‘Sea Power,’ and they put together an unmistakable vibe and sound for the game. in an interview with Nintendo Life, Sea Power’s Yan Wilkinson shed some light on how the tunes for Disco Elysium came to be.

Lead designer Robert Kurvitz began by giving some specific ideas of songs that already existed from our catalogue of albums and film soundtracks that could be adapted to fit certain “scenes” and areas of their landscape. He also would occasionally go off on a kind of abstract descriptive free-flowing monologue of how he imagined things. This would flit between visual, sonic, geographical and literary ideas. I think we understood him quite well.

He would say pieces were missing for important or even minor encounters and we would decide who would come up with ideas for each. There was a lot of music needed so we often worked individually at first and then sometimes asked each other to provide help or extra instrumentation. We would also just get into the atmosphere of the game and come up with our own takes on things. We would sometimes be given glitchy video of an area / piece of gameplay which really helped too.

Later in the process, there was an element of fine-tuning between us and Robert which was even in the later stages very creative and full of leftfield ideas. It surprised some people that the band are very capable technically behind the scenes. We recorded and engineered the whole project ourselves. We mixed the whole thing also. The creativity is as much in the sonics and the production as the songwriting and instrument playing and we love and thrive in all of these aspects.

[Sea Power's Yan Wilkinson]

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