Temtem finally came to Switch not that long ago, alongside the game’s Version 1.0 update. While that release included a host of things for players to do and see, there’s a lot more in the works.

While we don’t have specific release dates, the dev team behind Temtem did detail what players can look forward to in the near future.

  • revamp the current matchmaking system
  • make competitive play in general more approachable
  • all players will be able to participate in the official ranked ladder without grinding
  • third Mythical Tem
  • new area

Along with that news, the dev team also addressed criticisms about adding a Battle Pass. While plenty of games offer Battle Passes, almost all of them are free-to-play. Temtem is a paid experience, so why do players have to cough up cash for a Battle Pass? Director Guillermo Andrades explained in an interview with Kotaku.

“Talking as a player, I’ve always loved Battle Passes—the fact that a game has a Battle Pass is an enticement for me to play it. Talking as a developer, Temtem has some running costs as an MMO, but it only has an upfront payment. There are no subscription fees, so we needed to have an additional revenue stream to support that.

Including a cosmetic Battle Pass that is entirely optional but could help some players get more out of the game has always been in our plans. We know there are major concerns about these kinds of systems, so we tried to make it friendly by pricing it cheap, giving enough premium currency back, and only featuring customization options.”

[director Guillermo Andrades]

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