Back in September, Hori announced the Split Pad Compact, a new version of their popular Split Pad Pro. This accessory is meant to make Switch portable play more comfortable by providing a bigger grip for players to hold onto.

While there are ‘regular’ versions of the Split Pad Compact available, Hori also showcased some Pokémon-themed designs. Those options are available to pre-order now in North America, but today we’ve learned that they’re going to see release in Australia as well.

Just like in the states, our friends down under will have two options of the Split Pad Compact to pick from; one with Gengar and the other with Pikachu & Mimikyu. Both of these releases will be priced at $119.95 AUD, and they’re set to release on Oct. 28th, 2022.


Also arriving on October 28th are two Pokémon designs for the regular Switch Pad Pro. These come in Lucario & Pikachu and Charizard & Pikachu variants, and they are priced at $119.95 AUD as well.


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