Over on the PC side of things, Turbo Overkill is releasing in 3 separate episodes. The first episode is out now, the second is coming on Oct. 31st, 2022, and the third doesn’t have a date yet. On Switch, all 3 episodes will be combined into a singular release sometime in 2023.

Today brings us a new trailer for Episode 2, which looks every bit as crazy as the first episode. If you don’t mind a bit of spoilers for the middle of Turbo Overkills’ adventure, you can check out the new trailer above.

Wage war against the all-seeing A.I. Syn and clean up a cyberpunk underworld as mercenary Johnny Turbo. His bloody saga through Paradise continues with eight new campaign levels and new weapons like the orbital-striking Ion Blaster. Teleport inside enemies with the Telefragger sniper rifle or rev up the new Chainsaw Bike to rip through augmented minions at breakneck speeds. Fling through neon-drenched streets with the Grappling Hook and activate Turbo Time, Johnny’s ultimate power, to move faster than foes can blink.

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