Capcom has announced that a new Resident Evil Showcase will take place on October 20th at 3:00 PM PDT / 6 PM EDT / 11 PM BST. The stream will feature news on Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and the Remake of Resident Evil 4.

As for what to expect, we’ve gotten cloud based versions of the modern Resident Evil games on Switch before, so it seems likely we could see one for the upcoming remake of 4. It’s also possible that the original versions of Resident Evil 2 and 3 could finally see a re-release on modern hardware.

Whatever is announced we will be sure to keep you informed.

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2y ago

I wouldn't go anywhere near cloud versions of games. €40 for a limited rental scheme, that can only be played online with a good uninterrupted connection and will be obsolete in a few years. They're having a laugh.

Just look at Google Stadia. That thing went up in flames.