Pilgrims, a graphic adventure game, has been announced for Nintendo Switch. Developed and published by Amanita Design, it will be released in North America and Europe digitally on November 3rd, 2022, with our friends over in Japan/Asia getting the game a week later. While the Nintendo eShop page isn’t live yet, you can check out the Steam page here for screenshots more details.

Pilgrims is a playful adventure game, created by the team behind Machinarium and Samorost. Roam the land as you please and make new friends, share a laugh with your fellow travelers and help them complete their little stories, your way. How many different solutions can you find?

It is most enjoyable if you’re into:

  • Playfulness: Don’t beat it - play with it! Solve the various tasks using dozens of items and unique characters without being obliged to follow a single designated path.
  • Replayability: Packed with 45 achievements, Pilgrims is a game designed to be played through more than just once. Can you collect them all?
  • Hand-crafted appeal: Hundreds of unique animations and custom made sound effects result in countless humorous and unexpected outcomes. Try to discover as many as you can!
  • Original music: Floex (Machinarium, Samorost 3) is back at it with his mix of live instruments and organic electronics, joined by guests on guitar or clarinet.

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