Release dates for several Resident Evil Cloud games

The Switch is getting Evil!

20 October 2022
by videocookies 2

The Resident Evil Showcase is happening right now and as expected, we got some news on the Cloud versions for Switch. We now know the release date for all the games coming to the platform. We have all of them below:

Resident Evil Village Cloud version: October 28th

Winters’ Expansion DLC: December 2nd

Resident Evil 2 Cloud version: November 11th

Resident Evil 3 Cloud version: November 18th

Resident Evil 7 Cloud version: December 16th

Luckily, Resident Evil Village will be out just in time for Halloween, and with Capcom being very confident in Cloud gaming technology, it could be the perfect game for the occasion! You can check out the latest trailer for that game below.


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1+ y ago

Not the best way to experience these games but if it’s all you got I guess that’s all you got.


1+ y ago

I'm going to keep getting these games on Steam. I think my internet connection is good enough for this cloud stuff, but I hate the idea of not really owning the games.