Back at the start of this month, we posted up about The Big Catch potentially coming to Switch. That would only happen if a Kickstarter stretch goal was hit, which sat at a lofty $240 Canadian. Surprisingly, the Kickstarter managed to hit that goal no problem, so now The Big Catch is a lock for Switch sometime in the future.

The Big Catch is a 3D platformer all about tight expressive player movement, exploration, and FISH. In addition to inheriting the best parts of retro and modern platformers, The Big Catch is designed to be something fresh (like the fish).

You play as the acrobatic fisherman, Caster! Tasked by his boss Chef Leurre with saving the titular restaurant, The Big Catch, Caster ventures in search of ingredients to spice up the menu and bring in new customers.

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1+ y ago

This looks pretty dope. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.


1+ y ago

Oh God I love this! Hope for it's success if the game is even half as good as I'm expecting it to be.

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